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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Small Town Firemen Fun

Every year, our small town starts off the wave of summer festivals with a big Brat Fry hosted by the Chilton Fire Department.  (Brats as in bratwurst, sausages grilled and put on a bun, not unruly kids!)

We invited our kids and grandkids to join us for the event.  Little Allegra and Mason were able to come with our son Dan and wife Heather.  Also daughter Erin and husband Waylen were able to come too.  Daughter Heather and soninlaw Jesse were at home moving furniture back into their house.  A waterleak damage waylaid their plans....  because a defective valve on their dishwasher ruined their entire hardwood floor....  and its now repaired by the insurance company.

We had a little backyard cookout with the family....

Grandpa manned the grill,
 and we had a nice time together before heading over to the festival. 

The kids took some toys outside to entertain themselves 
while the grownups gabbed and caught up on things. 

The fire department is within walking distance from our house.  We joined in with ice cream, pitchers of beer and enjoyed the live music.  I nabbed our little neighbor boy to snap this pic of all of us together. We chose an outside picnic table away from some of the louder noise inside....

Before the evening rock band started, I took Allegra and Mason for a walk about town.  They had to explore the city's "sculpture" and also check out the canon in front of City Hall.

Our son Dan used to play baseball with the RPM band's bass guitarist.  At one point in the evening, he gave our granddaughter Allegra an LED tambourine, which TOTALLY made her night!!!  What a Rock Star!

We had good time with the music and family...
we bought a lot of raffle tickets and hope to win something! 

We danced and laughed and had fun.... Here is a little video clip:

It was quite a busy event, with a lot of neighbors and friends filling inside the firehall.  All of the firetrucks were lined up out back but the kids were not allowed to climb on them like other years. Sigh.  But I am very glad we had a nice day for the festival, because last year it was cold, wet, windy and I think with a few snowflakes thrown in!  This year it was full of people, both inside....

and out! 

We toddled on home with the grandkids about 10 pm, and their parents came back a while later.  We also had some neighbors stop by afterwards with their dogs, so it was a well-rounded evening of family, friends and fun!

Today it might hit 74 degrees!!!!  
We are thinking of yard work and relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. 

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