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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting Back on Track but Cancer Strikes Our Family Again

Yes, it's sad... after just losing both our father and step father, cancer has again struck another family member.  As we go through this, with support and love for our family, we are asking for prayers and kind thoughts.  

Steve's family has also had too many family members suffer with this horrible disease, and has lost some of them too.  It has been a shocking time for Steve and I, and for the members of both of our families.

Mom is adjusting well to the loss of Lowell, and we are in contact multiple times a day via computer, chats, email and phone.  I am sure it's hard for her to get used to being alone, cooking for one, and filling her days with things to do.  She is doing well, organizing her craft stuff, and handling the rest of the details that need to be done when one loses your spouse.  I am so proud of her for stepping up and coping so well at age of 77.

On one bright note... we have something positive to look forward to!  Our oldest daughter and husband have announced the forthcoming new arrival!   Sometime in November we will be greeting our seventh grandchild!

Now, isn't he or she extremely handsome, beautiful,
educationally advanced and spectacular? 
*just like ALL of our grandchildren???*

Since our coming home from Florida a few weeks ago, we have been getting back on track at home.  With multiple obligations slated for Steve's work schedule and our family gatherings, we are trying to get the repairs completed on the motorhome too.  We need to fix the waterpump seal leak and replace the clips on the alternator.  Both projects require getting out on the ground underneath the motorhome to work on it.  The only problem is that the weather isn't cooperating!

FIVE times since we got home, we have woken up to ***S*N*O*W***~~~~  

The weatherman is promising warmer weather this week, and hopefully encouraging Spring to make it's appearance? After basking in the 80+ degree days in Florida a few weeks ago, this wet heavy icky frozen Wisconsin has been kinda hard to deal with.

My flowers are poking up their feeble leaves along the house on the south side.   I carefully covered all of the tulips, daffodils and crocus to shelter them for the first two snow storms because I knew in advance.  The last few snowfalls were more of a "surprise" so they didn't get covered.  I hope they all survive.

I have been working on customer's orders for rugs that I had put aside while we were gone.  Got a few orders completed and shipped out, and working on a few more.

My Newcomb Studio loom needed a front take up lever on the front beam  The loom had come to me without a take-up lever.  Until Steve could make me one, I had to either borrow the one from the other Newcomb or use a "strap wrench" for taking oil filters off cars!   Finally, he took off the other one, matched up the materials to make a new one, and installed it last night for me!!!!

 Back in business without having to swap levers from loom to loom just to weave.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to babysit for a couple grandtots.  It was so good to fill the house with childish laughter and squeals of delight.  We put the kiddos to work with projects and baking tasks and positive attention.  It was a great time....

Making Auntie Lois's banana bread recipe:

Grandpa Pfun attended Chelsea's Hair Salon

Grandpa also attended their medical clinic.... 
using our blood pressure monitor and oxygen sensor, 
they put Grandpa through a full medical checkup.  He passed. 

Any task we ask of them, at this age, they gladly join in and help. 

 They helped me work on this quilt, and also to finish up these rugs....

With the arrival of spring, we have a lot of projects in mind to get done around here. If the weather cooperates, we can perhaps start a few things this weekend.  

Tonight Steve is going to lead the orientation for the camphosts we have lined up for the park this season. I am cooking up a meal to serve out of crock pots to the group of volunteers before the meeting starts.  But then.....  I am going to "play hooky" on the meeting and head up to Green Bay.  Granddaughter Allegra is having her dance recital, and if you ask me, that is WAY more important.  


  1. Congratulations on becoming a Grandma-to-be once again! I am sure you are super excited. Nice to hear that your mother is coping well and it is nice that you able to spend so much time with her in Florida, along with having some of her family around.

    Hope the weather starts to improve for you.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. We might hit 70 this weekend, and the snow is almost all melted!!!

  2. So nice to have some encouraging news of the new grandbaby and your mom, in the midst of all the heartache. You are an amazing couple with a wonderful family. Thanks for writing.

    1. Thank you, Sue. We are trying to get through all this cancer crap! Four in my family and six in Steve's. We need all the new baby love to help get us through this....

  3. I have been remiss in blog reading lately. I'm sorry to her about the cancer striking your family again but it is wonderful to see the sonogram of new life. Grandparenting makes life wonderful!

  4. I wish the best for the latest cancer patient and lots of love for the new baby to come to your family.

  5. I was so sorry to hear of yet another family member dealing with this horrible cancer. You and your family will certainly be in our prayers. And what a joy to be having another precious little one to hold in your arms in November. Our great grandbaby will arrive around the 5th of November.


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