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Friday, April 15, 2016

Camphost Schedule Filled and Dance Recital

The 2016 Camphost Roster is complete at High Cliff State Park.  Steve and I are the Camphost Coordinators and we interview, check references and assign the months for the camphosts.  Eash spring, we also conduct an orientation and furnish a meal with the event. Last night was the night to do so.....  but I played hooky and went to our grandddaughter's dance recital instead!  LOL

The camphosts at High Cliff sign up for one month long stints. Due to such stringent budget cuts each year in the park finances, the camphosts are greatly needed and so appreciated!  In return for 20 hours total combined work hours per week, the camphost couples are given a free campsite with 50 amp and water.

  • Their duties are to mainly to be an ambassador to the park and assist the patrons.  
  • They hand out information, be the "eyes and ears" of happenings in the park to report to rangers, and be there in case of emergency to call on the rangers or sheriff.  
  • They are furnished with tools, first aid equipment, a weather radio, a cell phone, a 4x4 ATV vehicle and vests with badges. 
  • The only physical "work" type duties are to pick up any trash they see out and about, and to clean out the firepits and grills in the picnic areas. 112 regular campsites and 8 group campsites.
  • They can help out if the maintenance guys need an extra hand for projects.   
  • Being vigilant to any problems, but all confrontations with campers are done by the rangers, not the camphosts.  
  • (NOTE\- there is NO bathroom cleaning involved) 

It's quite a wonderful gig, and we have a list of folks waiting to get a turn to do the job in case of a mid-month vacancy due to medical or family emergency.

We have some of the same people volunteering to come back each year, they must like it enough to come back.  We try to treat them right, from the get-go.  Having the orientation meeting is great for the newcomers to meet the seasoned camphosts, and also for everyone to catch up on the newest park changes.  Everyone passes a background check and is trained on using the ATV and tools.

I enjoy doing the meetings, so during the day, I prepared the main food, (baked spiral ham, calico beans and a tray of brownies) .... and others brought pot luck side dishes.

I popped the spiral ham in a crock pot with Sprite soda and brown sugar..

here is a tray of chewy chunk brownies with walnuts

and a crock pot of my famous Calico Beans! 

For the calico beans, here is the recipe: 


**warning** I am a dumper kind of cook, not a precise recipe person!!!

First, brown up some ground beef, bout half a pound, and chopped onion, and drain. Then either fry up about 4 strips of bacon, and cut or break into small pieces.  Or use those great bags or small jars of Hormel real bacon bits already made up! 

Now dump that and all this into a crock pot:

1 can kidney beans
1 can baked beans
1 can butter beans
a big squirt of ketchup
1/2 cup brown sugar
dollop of molasses
squirt of steak sauce
double squirt of BBQ sauce (we like Sweet Baby Rays)

season to taste
you can heat it up quick on the stove or
let it go a few hours on the slow cooker
some folks add grape jelly...
some folks add mustard...
some folks add vinegar...

I loaded up the foods in a big tote, and sent them off with Steveio to bring back to work for the camphost meeting.  I heard it went well, and they covered a lot of topics and also toured the new floor that was poured in the pavilion.

I hopped in the car and headed up to Green Bay to watch my ballerina girl at her dance recital.

Allegra has been in dance for a couple years now, and is only six years old and in kindergarten.  She is the tallest gal front and center in the group.  I am a bit frustrated with the video because she is right under a spot light so she is mostly lit up white... and out of focus.  The other girls are on each side are under lesser lights, and you can see the colors and sparkles of their costumes much better.

Allegras Third Dance of the Recital
(this link will lead you to a Facebook video on my page,
you don't have to be a Facebook subscriber to see it)

I am glad her costume stayed on and she didn't have any "wardrobe malfunctions" because it had been ill-fitting when they first ordered it.  Grandma to the rescue with her sewing skills, and I altered the costume over Easter vacation to get it to fit correctly.  I am pleased that it stayed put and didn't fall off her when she was dancing!

We posed for pics with all the family members, and then later went to her choice of restaurants for a meal out... Culvers.   It was such a great evening with my graceful ballerina, Allegra Grace!

Today the sun is shining, the snow has melted (mostly) and the spring flowers are blooming in the beds on the side of the house. SPRING is on the way!  They are promising temps in the low 70's this weekend.  We are going to the Chilton Fireman's Brat Fry, complete with live music, beer, prizes and neighbors.... some of our kids and grandkids are coming too!~  They are allowed to climb on firetrucks, try on firefighters gear and talk to real firemen.  I will take pics... of course! 


  1. Thanks for the recipe. I am going to definitely try it. I was wondering if you could update my blog url on your blogroll for the last time ... I went back to the free blogger domain. Hounds RVs and Other Stuff is now at http://bhounds.blogspot.com. Plus those brownies now have me in the shopping mode for some ... LOL

    1. Thanks for the update on the new blog addy.... I changed it. The brownies were just from a mix and I tossed in walnuts!


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