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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Had a Health Scare and Our Pfundtner Security Team

Yesterday was a strange day....

Steveio called me from work about noon, saying he "felt weird" and "was forgetting stuff" ...  He sounded strange and it's not normal for him to even call me at all.  I knew something was up. Then his phone kept dropping signal at the park, and I could not get a straight story between his randomness and the phone cutting out. ARGGHHH!!!  He said he kept forgetting things.  A co-worker had to tell him the same thing five different times and Steve could not remember what it was.  I tried calling him back and get more details, but the phone kept cutting out.  I finally gave up and called his boss in the office to check on him.

It turns out that Steve had been cutting down trees with a crew, and he was doing the "grunt" part of hefting the cut trunk pieces into the bucket scoop thing.  The YOUNG guys were doing the non-strenuous parts!  That's my Steveio.   Geeesh.... with the heat and humidity plus he hadn't had a thing to drink since his morning coffee, no wonder he was feeling "off"!

The rangers checked him for signs of stroke.  Then they decided to take him into the Urgent Care....  where that doc then sent him to get a CT scan!  By now, I was waiting on pins and needles at home, hoping for any word by phone.  Finally they called and said he was heading in for CT and I should come now to be with him. He was 35 miles away.  I kept it under the speed limit, as I knew he was in good hands.  But of course my mind was zooming ahead a million miles a minute.

Well, Steve asked the technician if they found any squirrels up in his head.. .but she said no, not even a NUT!   LOL ... by now he was re-hydrated and feeling better.   They released him to me and said we needed to follow up with the doc in the morning.   Whew!!! I was thanking God all of the way home.

We came on home to find our workman we hired was here at the house...  workman?  workman? you say?   That can't be.... zoom zoom Pfundtners do all their own work on Our Old House!

A week ago or so our neighbor Diane was having some gutter work done, and this nice young man did a great job for her, and he came recommended. (she also knows his father!)

Well, we don't have a tall enough ladder to reach the top of our house.  But he does! There has been a missing piece of trim/edging/soffit whatever from the tallest gable on the south side of the house.  I talked to Brandon and got his card and asked him to come back when he had time to do a quick job.  I had all the parts and tools and white nails etc. ready for him to get to the job even if we were gone.

Here is where the piece of trim was missing....

Brandon set up his gear and went right to work----
plus he knocked down the old wasp nest too!

He carefully measured, double checked and measured again, and trimmed the metal to the exact size.  He was careful of the plants below, and made sure he was padded against the house siding where the ladders rested.

Having this guy going up and down on ladders
alongside of our house put the dogs in an absolute TIZZY! 

This is our Pfundtner Security Team in action:

For those of you who don't want to click on the YouTube link, here are a few still shots of the Pfundtner Security Team doing what they do best----

Intently watching him go up and down the ladder
(with tails swishing in watchful concentration) 

Finnegan on a little rest break...
in a basket of wool strips cut for weaving rugs!

Re-positioning themselves for a better vantage point of view

Brandon was done with the job in no time, and put away his ladders.  Steve asked for the final total... a mere $40!   Geesh!  I handed him $50 and told him to go have a beer.....   what a great job he did for a good price. 

We also talked to him about putting in some gutter guards on the front porch (the rest of the house already has them) and he will be coming back soon to install them for us.  Here is a blog post of Steveio cleaning out the gutters up on the front porch:  http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/2015/06/thinking-about-couple-songs-tonight.html

Since Steve's recent face to face with the fact that he is aging and not able to do all the things that he did when he was 20....  it is a good thing to get the front porch gutters done so he doesn't have to go out on the roof again! 

This morning we were up early and having our coffee on the front porch in the sunshine.  It is gonna be a GREAT day!  The temps are down, the humidity is down, the sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day.  And to top it all off... .Steveio is feeling better! The sunshine streaming in early in the morning is one of the sweetest times of the day. 

By 8:30 we were in at the doc, all is good, tests look okay and the doctor said that Steve is supposed to remember that he is NOT 20 anymore!!!! He was mostly likely off on his electrolytes and de-hydrated.  He needs to take it easier on the hot, humid days and be more careful of his exertion.

of course... 
to drink MORE water!!

I did ask the doc to write up a note saying Steve had to retire now, just to bug his boss.  Heh heh.  But the doc said he would write up one for himself before he'd write one for Steve!  Steve is in better shape than he is.  LOL

And we are looking for special blessings and thoughts for our dear little granddaughter Allegra who is undergoing oral surgery this morning in Green Bay....  Be well, little stinker.  We love you!


  1. You're working the man too hard Karen. Give him a day off already. :-)

  2. Binny&Finny your neighborhood watch...
    Steve... needs to learn a new word today DELIGATE... he can DELIGATE the heavy work to the young pups..

  3. Glad to hear Steve is ok. Had the exact same thing with my mother last week with a CT scan for her as well.

    The dogs did a good job guarding the place.

  4. Certainly a good idea to have the facia boards done. That sure is a long way up.

    So glad your hubby is ok. Maybe a word from the boss with the other younger men is in order.

    Take care. Sue

  5. Crikey ... I'm glad Steve's ok and they didn't find any squirrels in his head. Mum said he's had a good wake up call, whatever that means. Well done on the home guard front you blokes although thatBrandon bloke sounds like a keeper, aye?

  6. Sometimes these men just drive us crazy. I think Jim has finally accepted the fact that he is old and absolutely cannot do things like he used to. I am constantly shoving water in his face and if he even thinks about walking out the door without water in his hand he ain't going. So glad that Steve is okay now and it wasn't something more serious. The mighty protectors - they are soooo cute.

  7. It is not an easy thing for many of us fellas to understand this aging thing. It's a long process trying to re-train ourselves not to do things we always took for granite doing. All too often lessons are learned the hard way. I stopped doing long tall ladders years ago but yet had I been helping with those trees I would probably have been right in there doing the same thing Steve was doing.....but not on a hot humid day. Luckily everything turned out good & Steve can chalk it up as another aging life lesson learned...........

  8. Wow, glad Steve is okay and it was nothing more serious than an old guy trying to be 18 again in hot weather. I'm sure you'll be watching his water intake now, as well as holding him to a more age appropriate lifestyle when he gets raring to go again... :cD

  9. Whew, glad Steve is ok. New trim looks great and the doggies did a great job of keeping an eye on him ;-)


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