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Sunday, April 5, 2015


 Heh heh, I have to do that every year! 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter today,
our traveling has been hampered a bit this morning by THIS!

Woke up at 6 am and saw this out of the window.  ARGGHHH everything is coated with a layer of ice and snow on top of it.  How could it be so warm yesterday and sunny and 60 degrees with the windows open and fresh air?   Only in Wisconsin, I tell ya!

We are going to travel 65 miles this morning to join Steve's family at the Pfundtner Easter Gathering in Waupaca.  Hope the roads clear up some by the time we want to leave about 10 am.  

Today is also a special day for one little grandson... our youngest, Clayton turns THREE years old today!!!!  What a handsome man, even if he insists those are "earrings" hanging from his silly little ears.  (see those beads Merikay?) 

He is the youngest of the little tribe of grandtots, and keeps us laughing all the time.  For some unknown reason, he is fondly known as Claytoninni ....  I guess it's the Italian in him?

After our Easter gathering today, ALL the kids and grandkids are coming to our house
for a birthday party for Clayton.  I will post pics later of the event.  
The doggers are looking forward to all of the "Childrenz" who are coming.... 
I told the dogs about them coming, and they keep running upstairs 
to check the grandtots bedroom to see if they are there.  LOL

They sure love all the attention!

And one more tidbit of "Baby News"  ....

You read a few months back that we have ONE more grandtot coming!!!!  Due in August, our oldest grandson Jameson will welcome a new sibling to the family.  Well, the newest ultrasound was done on Friday.... and now they know..... 

That evens up the score now,
with three grandsons (Jameson, Mason, and Clayton)
and only two granddaughters (Allegra and Chelsea) 

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Girl Grandtot #6 in August! 


  1. We had that snow Friday night.. Race you back to the South....

  2. Looking out the window and seeing all the ice would put me in stress mode. Be safe and enjoy your time with the grandtots.

  3. Delightful news. Best wishes to the family for a healthy girl child.

  4. Nice that you got that great news about the incoming grand girl to brighten up such a dreary day! :c)

  5. Yay for beautiful, sweet, special little girls!


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