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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter - Happy Birthday

Whew.. finally getting around to blogging this morning.  I think I was worn out from such a busy weekend, and spent a lot of Monday just getting back on track.

Sunday morning the roads were all icy sleet and snow here, like I said in my last blog post.  But we were able to hit dry roads just on the north end of town and had easy driving for 65 miles over to Waupaca.  We were meeting with Steve's whole family for our Easter Celebration!  Everyone was able to attend, and Steve's brother Pete took some large group shots of everyone that we are looking forward to getting a copy of.

There are so many of us, that we don't fit well in someone's house. So we rent a hall for our gatherings and everyone brings a dish to pass.  Steve's brothers Mark and Pete were in charge of all the arrangements this year and they did a fine job.

We got in a lot of visiting around the tables of folks, time to catch up and share.  It was a nice warm feeling in the room and we enjoyed our time together.  I was that pesty person running around with a camera telling everyone to NOT CHEW when I snapped the pics!

(the grandtots had my camera and gummied up the lens for this shot) 
 Daughterinlaw Heather, son Dan, soninlaw Jesse, patriarch Pa Pfundtner, daughter Heather

 Nieces and nephews Andrew, Frances, Ellie, Patrick and Steveio

Soon to be nephew Joe and niece Sarah, with fiance Cindy and brother Pete, and sister Lynn.

Niece Jen, children Carson and Lucas, her husband Robert, brother Mark and sister Wendy. 

 Neice Faith and her husband Kirk, niece Heather and her husband Dave.

Ahhh the KIDS TABLE!   
Daughter Erin is trying to get out of the pic, all our grandtots Mason, Jameson, Allegra, Chelsea and Clayton, along with Erin's boyfriend Waylen holding down the fort!

They were so cute I had to get them from another angle too....

The Easter Bunny came while all the kids were practicing a song with me in the other room....  soon they all had baskets to collect the eggs.  The little ones were helped by the bigger ones, and soon they all had baskets full of treats to fill up on!
 JAMESON                     CHELSEA                          MASON

 CARSON                        LUCAS                            ALLEGRA 


Everyone pitched in to clean up, put away chairs and tables, and then little Mason got to help his "PopPop" sweep the floor.  Ahhhh  give a boy a big man tool and they are hooked! I just love to see the patience and love that Steve puts into showing our grandchildren how to do things. 

We left the town hall in great shape and loaded into our cars to head on home.  The day wasn't over for us yet, though.  Our own kids and grandkids were heading over to house now in Chilton... for a Birthday Party!   

It was little Clayton's 3rd birthday...  so we had the house ready for a party to enjoy with all five grandtots.  What fun!   Here is a little video clip I shot of the "Happy Birthday cake event"

It was fun to have all the grandtots here at the same time, but it does get a little crazy. 

 (Jameson wouldn't wear a pair, so Finnegan took his turn!) 

We did all the present openings and had fun with watching the kids ram around the house. It is also our daughterinlaw Heather's birthday coming up soon so we gave her a zero gravity recliner to match the one we gave to our son Dan for his birthday.  Now they have a matching set to go camping!  

We gave Clayton the typical "Boy's Toy" of a big yellow Tonka Truck. He was driving it all over the house, banging into things and having a grand ole time!  LOL 

I have always envisioned all of my grandtots bellied up to the island in the kitchen, our own little "Kids Table" to have parties in our home.  We had a meal first of brats and hot dogs, along with all the fixens, and then of course our ice cream birthday cake for our birthday treat.

Little Biscuit, the new grandpuppy, was introduced to Finney and Binney...  she is such a bundle of energy that I don't think our shelties could keep up!  Binney was pretty scared of all the goings on, and hid out on the couch in a "safe place".  Finnegan was running around looking for crumbs, and attention from time to time, but he also hid out for a while in the closet to take a break. Whew.... 

And finally when all of "The Childrenz" were gone, 
our two doggers were exhausted.  

....and so were we! 
Exhausted but very HAPPY.... 


  1. What a wonderful family! You are so fun and welcoming, and I really like the photos of you and finny wearing the glasses and mustache!


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