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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Backyard Fire Pit and Going Camping!

The Wisconsin snows have melted, again, and we have some sunshine and temps up in the 50-60 range during the day, but we have been down to freezing at night.  Not time yet to start planting flowers or moving my coleus plants outdoors.  Some brave tulips have sprouted up and are starting to bloom!

Alongside our home is a whole row of red and yellow brightly colored tulips that come up year after year.  Some areas are thinning out a bit, with gaps in the rows. I am going to have to remember to plant some more in the fall to add to the bounty next spring.

Steve had trimmed a few of the branches for me on the lilac and bridal wreath bushes, and we also chipped in with a few neighbors on having our lawns "rolled" for the lumps and bumps in the terrain.  Now it will be much smoother for lawn mowing.

We also installed the two grave markers for Ducky and Duke in the backyard.  Sigh.  I miss that goofy collie Ducky with the sense of humor and clumsy manners... and that sweet boy Duke would kissy kiss injured birds on the beak, and play with frizzbee until he could barely walk to bring it back, again and again. Both of their collars and tags are hanging around the little doggie statue.

No matter how many pets we have over the years,
each one takes up a special spot in our hearts.

It has been cold and windy all last week, but it finally warmed up enough to finish the fire ring installation. Steve got a hunk of landscape fabric to go underneath the fire-ring and circle of stones.  So he got out the shovel and took up the sod all around.

Soon it was all put together.  Now we are going to put in a layer of sand and gravel in the center for the fire to burn on.  The landscape mesh is to keep the weeds from growing up through the cracks. Can't wait till it warms up and we can sit out with our first campfire in the backyard.  Thanks again Jesse and Heather for such a nice present!

Speaking of campfires, we are going to start packing up the motorhome today to GO CAMPING!!!  

Steve and I serve as the Camphost Coordinators for High Cliff State Park.  Our camphosts are scheduled to take one month stints at a time, and are all set up for the spring, summer and fall already.  But....  the folks for May called and said they are having a family medical issue for the first week or so of May.  We said don't worry about it, we will cover it.  We will toss our stuff in the motorhome tonight and head out there tomorrow, I think. The April hosts had to leave a few days early, so our site is empty and waiting for us.  I enjoy hosting at the park, and it's good for the dogs for extra socialization too. 

Loading up the rig and getting it de-winterized and ready to camp in is always an exciting thing.  We went out to the rig last night where it is parked in our backyard. I started making lists of things to be packed and stowed away, plus all the clean linens and towels since our vacation had to be put away too.  We load up the rig with clothing for the summer and leave it in there, and also the dry goods we keep on hand go into all the cabinets.  When we want to go camping, all we have to do it throw in the cold foods, the dogs, the computer and away we go!



Steve finished altering the cabinet piece I wrote about in the last blog.  Colaw's RV Salvage got back to us and said the glass doors on their motorhomes in the salvage yard are gone. I seriously doubt it because there are about 10 rigs out in their boneyard that have them in that we saw 2 months ago. I think someone is just too lazy to go out to their huge junkyard and look for such a small priced item. ARGGHHH  It's in Missouri near Joplin, and next time we are through that area, we will go look ourselves for one. So in the meantime we will make up a new door, perhaps from a discarded entertainment center for the hinges and latch?  We will see.

Steve also installed his newest present from his birthday....  its a small table on an arm that clamps to the side of the anti-gravity reclining chairs.  I already have one on mine, and he mentioned he would like one for his.  I had to order it from RV Upgrades  for $15.98 plus shipping.  

These tables are so nice because the thing stays level, no matter what position your chair is in.  Plus, the cup area is recessed and less chance of dumping over your glass, cup or can!  (there are even little sections to allow for a coffee cup handle too) 

Ok, I will wind up this blog post with stuff for my crafty readers:

Saturday night the local coffee shop has a Crafty Night for us to come and hang out and work on whatever we are working on.  It's Terra Verde Coffee House located a block away from our home in Chilton.  Some folks bring card making stamping projects, some knitting, some jewelry making etc. 

We all bring a little something to munch on... veggies/dip, sweets, chips, and a couple bottles of wine to pass around too.  The coffee house is closed to regular customers during this time, so we can bring in whatever we want and enjoy the "girl time" !

 I FINALLY finished this second pair of Crocodile Booties.  Don't ask me for a pair, I am DONE with crocheting them. The novelty wore off fast, and they are a pain in butt to work on! 
Once I finished them, I took out my standard sock knitting two pairs on one large circular needle. 

Time to get moving here.
I was ill the last few days, 
so now that I am feeling better,
I have a motorhome to load up! 


  1. Are those roasted chestnuts in that lower left corner picture? When I was a kid (and that was many, many, many years ago), in the fall, you would find vendors "roasting chestnuts on an open fire". Sure hope they come back, but probably not in my lifetime.

  2. Bummer about the smoked glass - I wonder if you offered them a $25 extra "finders fee" to check again?

    The barbeque pit looks really nice - that's such a beautiful fire ring. I'm sure it will be in future summer posts!

    Have fun camping! :)

  3. I really liked hearing about you girl's night out for crafting. It sounds like a good time. I agree with Barbara D...maybe a finder;s fee would get them moving on the door!

  4. Ha, I forgot about lawn rolling! We also used to chip in with neighbors in Upstate NY. Love the new fire ring and the pretty tulips. We also have our old collars on the doggies graves too.

  5. Hi Karen. Sorry to hear you've been sick--how are you feeling? Would love to have a craft night out--must be a lot of fun! The fire ring is awesome--well done. Have fun camping! They're so fortunate to have you & Steve coordinate the camp hosts. Your rig looks cozy nestled there in the trees. We're going down to Oregon in July to camp & we can't wait! 3 days in Silverton for a family reunion & 3 days at the beach (South Beach State Park). We need to get our sand fix at least 3-4 days a year & Ari just runs herself ragged out there on the beach. Take good care, you two!


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