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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Week at Our Old House

We are blessed with a sunshiney day here in Wisconsin again... perfect autumn weather!  Yesterday we were able to get some projects done and still get outside and take a nice walk with the dogs.

Steve finished up the heat vent he ran to the bathroom on the main floor. (see my last blog for details) ... and here is the finished result:


Next project, we will work on the little corner sink and 
reverse the swing of the door into this little half bathroom. 

We also wandered over and scoped out a big auction at a neighbor's house...  the elderly gent had passed away and this was his life long accumulation of tools and guns and interesting collections.  

Now as for tools..... well..... I swear the man not only had doubles, but triples and quadruples of the same power and hand tools!  Honestly!  I think he would start a project, and not know he already had the proper tool, so he went out and bought others exactly like the ones he already had!  I mean, who needs 20 staplers? 3 identical hand held DeWalt shop vacs? 10+ identical sets of Craftsmen tools? 4 pad sanders? 3 routers? 2 paint sprayers etc.   We stocked up an few items to complete what we needed.  Many of tools were either brand new unused in the boxes or barely used.  

I bid on a collect of old kerosene lamps for $12.50

We nabbed this $60 paint sprayer  brand new in a box for only $10.

There were literally hundreds of toys--- tractors and car collectibles still in boxes, brand new condition.  We got a bit tired of all the toy tractors being interspersed between other items, but we sat patiently through them all. The auction lasted 6 hours, and at the end, many things were going for $1 or $2 a box. 

There was a lot of antique furniture that went for very reasonable prices.  We really didn't need anything, but I did get a nice wooden antique plant stand for $3.00.  Steve got a drill press, palm sander, heat gun and a big box full of hammers.... our total for the day was  $73.00!

Next, the house is being put on the market for only $112,000..... so if any of you would like to be my neighbor, it's just down the street from me at 316 N. Madison in Chilton, WI  Big beautiful stucco house with tile entry, wood floors, pocket doors to the dining room with built in hutch, fireplace, etc.  We only peeked at the main floor while registering, and will wait for a proper open house to explore the rest. LOL  (if you read my embarrassing Open House blog a few weeks ago, you will get my joke!)

Later today I am going to Camp Sinawa with a group of my Black Sheep Spinners Guild .... we are going to demonstrate spinning with wool for the guests. So I better get my wheel packed up and some fiber dug out to spin up for visitors.  Here is some info about the camp:

Camp Sinawa is a non profit entity which provides recreational and educational opportunities for youth groups, church groups and other organizations wishing to spend time in the great outdoors.  
In order to provide funding to keep this facility operational, several annual events are held at this facility to raise funds to maintain this area.
All events are organized by Friends Of Sinawa.

Here are a few pics of my spinning gals at last week's meeting:

We meet out at Hidden Valley Woolen Mill near Valders, WI 
How great it is to have a woolen mill so close to my house! 

I am so fortunate to have such a creative bunch of fibery folks to gather with, since we moved to Chilton.  This is the spinning guild, but sometimes we overlap with other loves, such as quilting.  Here Pat Filzen is working on a quilt that she is hand stitching.

I also have a weaving guild that meets monthly in Menasha, WI, about a 30 mile drive away, and then a casual knitting group that meets at our Chilton library one night a week.  To top that off, our little coffee shop down the street has a monthly craft meeting where you can bring anything you are working on!  Such a good fibery creative area we chose to live in!

Oh, speaking of creative, here is the finished result of my stenciled etching door painting I had in the last blog. I think it came out pretty nice!  Next I will work on my french doors to my studio room.

Steve is outside pulling out my dead tomato plants, so I better go help him before I leave for the Camp Sinawa demonstation.  Later Gators! 


  1. Wow, you sure made out at that auction. I always enjoyed auctions, if they don't last too long. I think instead of buying things at auctions, we here, need to have an auction.

  2. I love the lamps. I'd also love to be your neighbor if it wasn't so far away from my family! I guess I would have to take up a craft though - I dropped all mine years ago.

  3. That sure looks like a nice house in a very nice town.

  4. The realtor should pay you for advertising the house!


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