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Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's My Birthday and I Will Camp if I Want To!

Well, it's my "Birthday Weekend" so I get to decide what we are gonna do.  My birthday isn't until Monday, so I declared this weekend as MINE!

On Friday I loaded up the motorhome, talked Steveio into taking a half day of vacation, and off we went.   A WHOLE TEN MILES to North Bayshore County Park!  LOL LOL LOL

We wanted to stay close to home as all the kids are coming Sunday with the grandkids for the day. So we can enjoy the lovely sunshine and 50 degree Saturday weather while camping, but we are thinking of leaving later on to head back to home for Saturday night and Sunday ...   The weatherman said it's going to rain... or maybe snow.  It was down to 28 last night so it could get that cold again tonight, I would imagine.

We pulled into our favorite site, number 16,  which is facing toward the waters of Green Bay.   We like this site because it's down on the end of the loop, but we have to pull into the campgrounds backwards on the one-way road.  Can't make the corner into the site because of the site marker post. We could back in, but then we only have a view of the outhouse from our front windshield.  By pulling in nose-first, we can have a view out over the marsh grass to the water.  So we break the rules by not going around the loop in the right direction.  With only 2 other campers here, it's not a problem.  LOL

I followed Steve out with our Saturn car, instead of hooking up the Tracker to tow.  We thought we might need to run up to Marinette for something sometime on Saturday night, but that didn't work out, so we just brought the car for nothing.  Oh well.

On Saturday we took a nice walk out along the harbor and breakwater to the beacon light post. The sun is shining, the sky is an unbelievable blue and the white puffy clouds are heavy with snow or rain to fall...  the bottom edges of the clouds are all horizontal with the water out by the horizon, probably from some low pressure?

We walked to the end and hung out with the dogs for a while.  
The winds were starting to pick up and it is getting decidedly colder.  
You can SMELL the "Winter" in the air....

Although the sun is shining, on our way back to the campground area
 the marsh grasses help protect us from the bitter winds 

Some kids are out on the other bank with poles... 
Wonder if they are catching anything other than colds? 

These waters face out into the area where the Green Bay flows into Lake Michigan.  Brrrrrrr it's cold already.  We have taken the boat out from this harbor a few times on calm days.  Other times it's high whitecaps and we don't dare.  The bay has a shallow bottom and when the wind whips up, the waves crest into whitecaps in just a moment's notice.  The right side of the breakwater is open water, and the left leads into the protected harbor.

It's now 3pm on Saturday as I type this up.  The sun is still peeking in and out of the clouds, but they are building up and getting grey looking.  The temps are dropping, so we think we will avoid paying for one more night of camping and pull stakes to head into town.  It's going to rain or snow before nightfall.

It isn't far and we will be home in 15 minutes and backed into the driveway.   This is probably the last camping trip of the season, as much as I hate to see it end.  The next two weekends have events we can't miss, so we will be home.   We don't have any winter trips planned, so this might be the last time until Spring.




  1. Scranton PA had 8 inchs of snow today, My sister and niece went down to the Jersey shore to visit my son and my Grandaughter, I hope the roads are okay in the mountains on the way back, neither one is a good snow driver.Last year when I was there for 3 months it didn't snow till the day I left Dec 16th, that is rare in those parts. Hope you just get rain. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Well happy bday weekend and since it is your weekend you can break the rules if you want too...

  3. At least you had "one last trip" before winter sets in for real. Hope you have a great time with family tomorrow and have a wonderful birthday celebration.

  4. How come you have clear sunny skies up in WI and we're getting snow down here in sunny Northern VA?

    Sorry it looks like the last camping trip of the season, but if I know you, you'll sneak in one or two more.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  5. we had rain here in townsend, tennessee - two days worth! we sent it to paul and marti in the form of snow! the sun is out today and the temp is going to be 29 tonight.

  6. Happy early birthday, Karen! Glad you got out for one more camping trip...You know, you could go full timing and then ALWAYS be camping, lol!

  7. Happy Birthday to YOU!! What a great way to spend your weekend. Fabulous pics too! Cheers! ~M

  8. Glad you are "in control" of your birthday weekend.....sounds like you are packing in quite a bit. So happy that you had good weather for maybe your last camping of this year......but who knows, December could be an "open month", although I do hope we have the traditional white Christmas. ;)
    Looking forward to the future posts about the rest of your birthday weekend! And of course, wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Karen!! I think you made a super choice for your birthday weekend!! Nothing better and it looks like your favorite site is a true winner!!
    It is always sad to see camping season end. That was the best part of full-timing...it never ended. Now with part-timing(and living in the south) we can do the same...when we get our rig. Sigh.

  10. Happy birthday! The pictures are gorgeous - thanks for sharing them! Hope the rest of your birthday weekend was just as good.


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