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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unabashadly Gooey Sweet Grandchildren Post

OHhhhhh yes.... it's a Grandchildren Post day.

Our grandkids are all raised in the heart of Packer Country, so they are all about football!   They all have Packer wardrobes of jersies, jammies and sweats.  Gotta start em young, right?

While shopping last weekend, both Jameson and Chelsea tried on some Cheesehead hats.  How adorable is this? And Allegra was donned out in her Clay Matthews jersey for game day!

We had little Allegra all weekend, and we wanted to take her camping too.  But it was raining all weekend and we had to stay at our house instead.  I had plenty of opportunity to take some photos.  Here are the best ones:

We got in lots of early morning snuggles in our bed, with fits and giggles! 

 She was my little helper at the table loom... we worked on a towel together.  
She LOVES the levers and put them up and down for me, 
and patiently waited for the shuttles to go through.  
Then she got to do the *beat beat beat* with the beater to make the towel. 

It was story time each night before bed, and we had to set a limit on three books, 
otherwise we would be reading the whole shelf of storybooks!!

We did some cookie baking while Granfaddah went to his horseshoe tournament.  
It was still raining out, so we didn't go along as originally planned.  
No fun for little girls to sit on a lawn chair under an umbrella.  So we MADE FUN!

White chocolate chip and macadamia nut (premade) dough.  
Then she carefully added some chocolate chips to the tops!

 WHY  do cookies take SO LONG to bake???????

 But well worth it when they were done! 

Allegra was also my model for some of my knit hats.  
I got about 10 different hats on her to model for me 
so I can list them on my Etsy site to sell for the upcoming winter weather. 

(what a HAM!) 

We hung out down in the loom room too.  
She was busy weaving on my big looms, with my help.  
And she tried out a new Birch Tree rug that I just took off a loom.

 Looks like she was having fun, huh?

All too soon, it was time to head on home. 

Thanks for the great weekend, Little Leggers Girl.... 
Granmuddah and Granfaddah Pfun love you! 



  1. Very cool post Karen. I'll get me some of that grandchild time myself next week. :) Mine, of course, not yours! ;)

  2. Not too proud of them grandkids, are you? ;c)

    What a great way to spend some time with them.


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