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Sunday, April 10, 2011

VACATION– A Walk Around Bethel, MO a cute little historical colony

(this post is about Friday, April 8, 2011)

We woke up to nosy llamas trying to peek in the windows of our motorhome!  Yes, they sure are a curious bunch, and we have invaded their barnyard.  Ducky just wants to bark at them, but Dukie wants to HERD  them up in a group and make em do something.. anything.. just something.. he don’t know what, but his instincts are telling him he has a JOB TO DO!   So, he stays on a rope.  Darn.

Rosie had a couple errands to run, so Steveio and I took a nice walk around Bethel.  It’s a tiny community of about 8 city blocks, nestled in a little spot in the countryside. They DO have a campground, on the far east end of 1st street beyond the school.  But we camped in our hostess’s yard surrounded by llamas!



I will repeat this photo again from yesterday’s blog, just to refresh about Bethel, or to acquaint any new readers today.

at rosies130

The first place we passed was an old school that is right next door to Rosie’s

at rosies60 (2)

Beyond that is a church that we peeked inside, because the door was standing wide open!

at rosies66

Inside there was ---  lo and behold --- a LOOM!   Rosie said it sold at an auction a while ago and still needed to be picked up yet.  Wonder why the big doors were unlocked and standing wide open? 

at rosies67   at rosies68

(it’s an old Newcomb Weaver’s Delight like we redid for my sister, 4 harnesses were setting to one side)

Next, we wandered on past John’s house.  He is a friend of Rosie’s and is in the process of restoring this house.  It’s quite a job and he doesn’t live here in the house yet. 

at rosies62 (2)

He is tuckpointing all the brick with new mortar.  Whew!

at rosies78    at rosies79

This is a very tiny house that John bought and moved here…. an old man used to live in it~!

at rosies81

(You can click on any of these photos to make them bigger)

at rosies26  at rosies30 (2)  at rosies84at rosies89  at rosies91  at rosies92at rosies95  at rosies96  at rosies103at rosies104  at rosies117  at rosies125at rosies133  at rosies135  at rosies136at rosies137  at rosies140  at rosies145at rosies148  at rosies154  at rosies158at rosies165  at rosies167  at rosies168at rosies170  at rosies110  at rosies155

We had made up a pot of homemade chicken soup for lunch and enjoyed an afternoon of fiber stuff with Rosie.  Time just flies by and before we knew it, it was time for supper!  Steve grilled us up some tenderloin steaks that melted in our mouths.  We feasted this time in our rig, having a dinner on my Mexican tablecloth.  Steveio was our chef, cleaner-upper and dishwasher so we could play with looms, fibers, computer programs and cats!  My goodness, we didn’t stop talking all morning, noon and night!

Steveio even helped Rosie figure out a conundrum on this little portable folding loom.

at rosies44 (2)


Finally we had to hit the rack… tomorrow was another day….

(and I was starting to feel somewhat “under the weather”)


No miles travelled in the motorhome or Tracker today


  1. Seems likes an interesting little town. I'm interested in finding towns that I can walk around, since I won't have a toad.

  2. Such a quaint little town. Love the buildings, especially the "little" one John bought. I could move right into that. Looks bigger than my slide-in camper.


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