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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pfundtner Easter Gathering–April 2011

(WARNING! --- this post consists of cute pictures of grandkids)

Ahhhhh once a year we take a turn to host a gathering of the Pfundtner Clan--- and since our home is too small for that many folks, we rent a community center hall nearby to handle the whole kit n kaboodle. 


We had our three children with their spouses and our grandkids attend:

   Heather/Jesse/Jameson                      Dan/Heather/Allegra                           Erin/Mark/Chelsea     

easter 2011 pfundtners147   easter 2011 pfundtners148   easter 2011 pfundtners150

Also along were Steve’s older brother Mark, his wife Shirley and their new grandson, Lucas! They are so appy to have a grandchild of their own now, instead of borrowing our grandkids for cuddles at family events!  LOL    Just look at their faces …awwwwwwwww   Now we get to steal their grandbaby to cuddle!

(Steve’s niece Jen, and her husband Robert are proud parents of Lucas)

easter 2011 pfundtners81  easter 2011 pfundtners166 


Steve’s younger brother, Pete, got a chance to play with Lucas too… and the great grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Pfundtner got to spend some time with all the family around them to visit and enjoy

easter 2011 pfundtners24  easter 2011 pfundtners156  easter 2011 pfundtners143

Steve’s mom, Maryanne, will be heading back to surgery again on Thursday.  Our best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery are offered, and if any of you blog readers who care to send up a good word or prayer for her, it would be greatly appreciated.   She is such a trooper and a real fighter against all these obstacles she has to face.   I admire her strength and perseverance against the health issues she is facing.


Once everyone arrived the hall, we left the festivities begin!

The Pensaukee Community Center is only 4 miles from our home… the facility is brand new and has tables, chairs, a kitchen area and plenty of room for the little ones to run around. It sure makes sense to rent this hall, because sometimes our clan can number well over 30.  Some of the extended family didn’t make it to the event this time, but we had to book it 2 months in advance to be sure we could use it.   We had 15 adults and 4 children coming for this holiday celebration.

Erin and Heather helped man the kitchen duties and took a huge load off of me to pull the day off without a hitch. I was feeling much better after my trip to the ER on Thursday.  But having the girls to help Steve and I host the party was a tremendous thing.  Everyone else brought dishes to pass, and the meal went together just wonderfully! Steve’s brother Pete brought us vases of Easter flowers, and Erin and Mark brought me an Easter Lily.  All the food and planning went right on schedule as the guests began to arrive.

easter 2011 pfundtners106   easter 2011 pfundtners100


After a lovely blessing by Steve, we gathered together to feast and laugh and share our families. 

We had some spiral sliced hams, mashed cheesy taters, calico beans, two fruit salads, cucumber/tomato salad, veggies and dips, relishes, dinner rolls and many many plates of desserts!    The Grandkids ate very well, and Allegra taught Chelsea how to gobble down the black olives.   LOL   They loved putting them on their fingers first!   Jameson was nuts over his HAM and FRUIT.. two favorites of his!

easter 2011 pfundtners165  easter 2011 pfundtners176  easter 2011 pfundtners164

Daughter Heather crocheted up these little bunnies for the kiddos.. how cute is that????

heathers easter bunnies


Afterwards, the daughters put together an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones.  The weather was a sunny 55 degree Spring Day… so everyone came outside to watch the little ones gather their eggs!  The hunt was on!

easter 2011 pfundtners80  easter 2011 pfundtners19  easter 2011 pfundtners183


Then we took out the blow bubbles, sidewalk chalks and enjoyed the spring sunshiny day

easter 2011 pfundtners49


The kids were so busy playing and running off steam…  and we were wearing off that heavy meal

easter 2011 pfundtners63   easter 2011 pfundtners62

Jameson was trying out his brand new bicycle from his Grandma and Grandpa Wade!  (don’t worry--- he will be getting a helmet tomorrow)  He is only 2 years old, and learning to ride a bike already!   Allegra is getting some help on how to play basketball from her Daddy.

easter 2011 pfundtners57


Little Lucas came out to see the big kids on the Easter Egg hunt.   He was busy cuddling his new friend.  

Daddy Dan was giving Allegra some basketball lessons, and a little help to score two points.

easter 2011 pfundtners27  easter 2011 pfundtners67


It was Steve’s birthday last week, and big brother Mark’s birthday next week.. Grandma Pfundtner brought a birthday cake for both of her boys.  It seems that they NEVER grow up! 

easter 2011 pfundtners185

Imagine that, they are now both GRANDFATHERS!!!    and still goofing around like 8 year old boys….


We were festive and flowery and full of family fun!

All three of our kids and their spouses chipped in and cleaned up the hall afterwards, so it was all spic and span when we were ready to turn in the key and leave.  How nice is that? 

We were told all of the little kids were FAST ASLEEP before their parent’s cars even reached the highway!!!

I am so thankful that everyone travelled so far to come to our gathering.  It can be a tough time of year to host Easter when you live up in Northern Wisconsin where we do.  Sometimes it can sunny and pleasant, or it can be snowy, icy, cold and terrible driving conditions too (like Wednesday night was)   


It was a wonderful day with our family… and I got in tons of Granmuddah Pfun cuddles!!!

all my kiddos


The End

easter 2011 pfundtners198


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Happy Easter!
    Cheers! ~M

  2. What a wonderful day!!! I'm so glad you were well enough to enjoy.

  3. Looks like a great day for the gathering, sheesh with all the kid's running around I guess you guys up in Wisconsin don't watch much TV at night.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. What a great day for your Easter Celebration with the family. Lots of warmth and sunshine and happy little grandchild to keep everyone busy and in smiles.

    Glad you are feeling better after your surgery. We are wishing Steve's Mom the best with her surgery and recovery.

    Kevin and Ruth


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