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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Planning RV Trip - Ice Fishing - Rotato Peeler - newest rug off the loom

Ahhh plans are moving ahead for the upcoming vacation.    10 days and counting down!

Next week I have three lovely days planned with three different doctors, but rest assured I have the GO AHEAD approval for the vacation and I am making them stick to it!

On the way back from the doc the other day, I stopped to snap a few shots of the winter community that emerges on the wide part of our river, just upwards of the dam.  Yes, it's the ice fishermen!   Every year many ice shacks appear, each with trap doors in their floors to reach down into the water with short jigging poles.   It's like a whole village that pops up.  (sorry, taken with a cell phone on a cloudy day, but you get the gist of it)

Heaters, portable tvs, cooking devices and comfy chairs make ice fishing a pleasant pasttime, rather than a frozen winter sport.  The ice is now thick enough to drive on with vehicles.  But that gives me the heebie jeebies, so my little Tracker stayed on the road, thank you very much.

They are after perch, bass and walleye.  My sister here is posing with a walleye, caught last winter.  They are a light white meaty fish without an oily or fishy taste.  Yummmmmm

Our river is also a major highway or kind of a race track for snowmobiles this time of year, and we have them whizzing up and down morning noon and night.  Took this from the bridge up the river about a mile from our house.

Today, we have added a few more things to the motorhome storage compartments and we are just hanging out there, well, because it's fun to hang out in the rig!  Even if it's freezing out and we are parked in the driveway.   No matter.  The heater is on and we are stowing, stashing, removing and reorganizing some of the cabinets.  Taking out things we won't be needing and reorganizing things we will.   Steve was sure to snowblow alongside the far side of the rig too, so we could reach those compartment doors without having to wade through the deep snow.   We won't add water or freezable food items until the last morning.

I am making lists of things to doublecheck and Steve is my "pack mule" hauling things out and in and back to the house again.   Steve made up a big ole pot of chicken veggie soup for lunch, so we took a break to eat and then decided we had enough.  It was time for a nap!

On Wednesday, I decided to go with an easy hair do ---  wash n go, tousle with the fingers and be done with it, just in time for vacation.  So after three and half hours in a beauty shop chair, I had a cut and perm!

A couple weeks ago, Steveio and I had stopped in St. Vinnies to kill some time before an appointment in Green Bay.   He scouts out the bargains and found a handy dandy device for the motorhome kitchen.
It's made by Pampered Chef.....   it's a ROTATO!     (our nickname for it)  

It sells for $31.50 but my darling Steveio found it for the mere price of $2.00 at St. Vinnies!   What a guy!

It's a device that peels, slices and cores apples or potatoes in a fast fun and easy manner.    I already have one for the house, but now he found this one to keep full time in the motorhome.   With his favorite apple pies for his reward, he will gladly hunt out bargains for me to cook with!

Now for my fiber buddies who read my blog.  I am sorry, I have been sorely lacking in snapping pics of things I have been doing.  This past weekend I did spin up four bobbins of new yarn on the wheel, but didn't get a pic of them yet.  Will wait till they are plied into yarn and perhaps start some socks with them.

This morning I cut the newest rug off one of my looms, in preparation for a new batch to be woven on that one.  Here is my Path Thru the Woods rug...

 It is made from fringey strips of factory selvage.  
It's the edges cut from large rolls of upholstery fabrics after they had been made.  
These strips are cut free and tossed in the landfills!   
So some enterprising weavers discovered they make great rugs.   
We buy them by the pound and wind them on shuttles and weave them up into rugs. 

Steve named it "Path Thru the Woods", as it looks like a soft sandy path underfoot between the green foliage and brown trees.  What a great name!   It's a very generous 75 inches long and 30 inches wide.  I just love how the colors gradually blend from one to the other.   

Well, it's snowing out there again, and dusk is falling.  Time to think about some housework IN the house instead of all the stuff we were doing out in the motorhome.  

Is it Feb 23 yet?



  1. What a great idea for the rug! I volunteer at a recycling place and we're always looking for repurposing ideas. Unfortunately none of us are as crafty as you are!

  2. That's a real Winter Wonderland up there!

    Those rugs are interesting, and beautiful.
    Tt is amazing what can be made out of things that are going to be thrown away.

    Won't be long now for Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Just don't try any of that ice fishing stuff when you get to AZ, the water's not as thick there.

    How long does it take for a fish you catch ice fishing to thaw out so you can cook it?

  4. Karen,
    Your rugs are beautiful!

    The pics of the snow and the fish brought back memories from looong ago :) I, too, am from Wisconsin-central part of the state. I must say, I don't miss the winters, but it's nice to go visit in the summer :)

    Hope your doctor appts end up being very uneventful.


  5. That rotato looks like a midieval torture device! The pies are mouth watering, however. :)

  6. Now I can understand ice fishing if you have a heater inside the shack.

    The rug is beautiful, and the name suits it perfectly!

    Good luck with all those doctors. Stick to your guns about vacation time!

  7. My mother had one of those! It came in real handy when a bushel of apples was brought home from the farmers market and she was canning apples for winter pies.

  8. Awwww yes, the joys & excitment of upcoming travel, although we have never had to load things up with snow on the ground like that. Won't be long & you can put all that white stuff behind you. And yes, that rotatorgator thingy does like like an ancient torture device alright. Gotta be the best looking pies I've seen:))

  9. Love the rug. And you really make your own yarn? That is so amazing!!

    Last year I let my hair grow out from a very short cut to shoulder length with a perm - for the very same reason. So easy for traveling. I got tired of getting bad haircuts!

    Glad you're getting on the road soon.

  10. Those pies are just like Donna's, you are a multi tasker around the house. Hope all goes well with the Doctors, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  11. I LOVE my apple peeler/corer/slicer. Never thought of using it for potatoes though. Only works on crisp apples so Steve and I make a night or two out of using it for mainly dehydrating or applesauce making.


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