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Monday, February 14, 2011

15 Years Ago Today - and a Happy Grandchildren Valentine's Day

Ahhhhh fifteen years ago today, my darling Steveio sat across from me at my dining room table.  I had just cooked an elegant candlelit dinner and we were enjoying a glass of wine.  We had been dating for a year and half, and I was happy to have him in my life.  No expectations, as we both had been burned pretty bad by our previous spouses.  We were just happy spending time together and had fit into a comfortable relationship.  Marriage was never a topic either of us had broached.

He came around to my side of the table to give what I thought was a kiss goodbye, as he said he would go pick up the kids from somewhere while I cleaned up the dishes.  As he leaned over, he suddenly bent down one knee!

And.... RRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP  from under the linen table cloth, he ripped free a velvet ring box that he had duct taped into place, hidden under my diningroom table!!!    Duct tape!    He so totally flummoxed me and took me totally by surprise!   He asked me to be his wife, and I stammered out a "Yes"   (I think I did, anyhow)  and then he placed the ring on my finger, kissed me, and LEFT!    (to go pick up the kids)  18 lovely diamonds with a big center marquis diamond ... wow!  I had never owned such a gorgeous ring!   But what it represented was such a big huge step in our lives!!!!

I was totally taken off guard and elated and scared and surprised and frightened and pleased and confused ... and and and....   I just can't describe it!   Trusting a man again was very very hard for me to do.

I called my mom.  I called my sis.  They both adored Steve and were so glad that we were engaged and cheered us on.  Actually my whole family approved and they later threw us a bridal shower.  All the gals gave me shower items.. .I mean... really... items for taking a shower!  Together!   And the guys in my family gave STEVE gifts....  as you can guess... they all gave him rolls of DUCT TAPE!   LOL   They approved of his use of duct tape to fasten the ring under the table during the dinner.

And the rest is history..............

Today I finished up a couple sock orders that needed to be shipped out, which on the way back I stopped at the store and picked up eggs.  We rarely keep eggs in the house anymore because Steveio is watching the cholesterol and it's just too easy to whip some scrambled eggs or an omelet when they are in the house.  

But today I needed them because I had to bake some Valentines for the grandkids!   Here they are firming up the frosting out on the side deck, so I could pack them into red tin pans to deliver them this evening.

Once Steveio was home from work, we gathered up the cookies, some gifts and the camera... 
Off we went to see all three of the grandkids in one Valentiney Night! 

Chelsea was first... she was the Valentine Bunny----

She really enjoyed her gifts, but enjoyed the cookie even more!   
Her mommy let her eat the personalized cookie BEFORE supper!~   

Next on the list was Allegra!   
We had to drive 40 miles to Green Bay to the YMCA to attend the last class of her swimming group. 
It was her "Graduation" night.  After her class, off she went to the locker room, 
to meet up with us in the waiting area in the lobby to get her gifts.  

She unwrapped her present, (new jammies) and played with her big red gym ball in the lobby. 
Daddy carried the cookies safe and sound up high in his arms, 
so she could get one later,  after they got back home.  

Now we stopped at my favorite place in Green Bay to grab a bite to eat....
It was at Erberts & Gerberts sub shop.  Yummmmm
I had my Boney Billy sub with avocado and Steve had the same.  
We split a big deli dill pickle and ordered some good thick Chicken Dumpling soup to go for Heather. 
She was sick, so we brought that along to our next stop... to see grandson Jameson! 

He could tell on his cookie that it was HIS name, even if it was in cursive. 
What a smart kiddo... and look at those big brown eyes! 

The new jammies didn't really thrill him, nor did the Valentine Card.  
But the red bouncy ball, now THAT was something up his alley!   
He read off each letter of his name as each of the grandkid's balls were labelled.
(more for Grandfaddah to keep track of who got one and who needed one yet?) 

Heather hid out in the bedroom and we didn't stay long... 
we don't be needing any more flu bugs, colds or sinus stuff before our trip.   
So we kicked the ball around with the little guy a few times, and then left.

As we rode home, side by side in the car.. with bright moonlight all aglow...
lighting up the countryside of snow and ice. 

We remarked how interesting the last 15 years were together.  

We have had ups and downs,
We married and we built a home together,
We lost a son,
We watched all three of our children choose spouses and marry,
We gained three lovely grandchildren,
We have shared the sorrow of a lost unborn grandchild,
We have had health issues and job challenges,
We have created and traveled and explored.

We are happy and in love. 
We are together. 
We are.




  1. A wonderful memory, and such a good grandma you are. Best wishes for many more valentines days together.

  2. What a wonderful story! Happy Anniversary! You deserve a great husband. You are such a special person and I treasure our friendship!Steve is one lucky man!

  3. The kid's all looked thrilled, You are so right, even through difficult times,life is so good when you are with your soulmate. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. What a wonderful story! You deserve a great husband. You are a wonderful person and I treasure our friendship. Steve is one lucky guy!

  5. I hope ur happy! You made me cry like a baby. It is such a wonderful story. Love the duct tape!
    Wishing u many, many more happy years.
    Counting down with u till u leave.

  6. What a romantic guy! You'd better keep him!

  7. Beautiful love story. Beautiful babies! LOVED the little chubby legs in her swimsuit - so sweet... Glad you had a good day and that you are feeling better!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  8. Aww, what a sweet post, and not because of the cookies!

  9. That was a beautiful proposal and engagement, leading to what looks like a supremely beautiful marriage. You are both very fortunate, and may the good fortune continue.


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