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Saturday, December 3, 2022

90 Years Old!

Sorry I haven't blogged recently. Been totally under the weather.  Got sick right before Thanksgiving with a horrible head cold. I took 3 covid tests, all negative. Just a nasty bug I think. Then the week after I ended up with a bad run of I think RSV or else a strain of covid that don't show up on the home tests.  So about 15 days worth, ugh. 

Finally feeling better and up to a blog.... 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was a pretty important day.  I am glad I was feeling good enough, but kept more than arm's length distance and no hugging, just to be sure.  

It was Steve's Dad's


Yes, what a fine thing to reach the ripe old age of 90!  Paul is doing very well, still lives on his own, manages everything and has the company of his dear lady friend Sandy, who is an angel. She does most the driving now when Paul wants to get around, and she keeps him busy for sure.  Little doggie Millie is his constant companion when Sandy is occupied with her family and functions too.  

Sandy helped Paul plan his 90th birthday party. They rented the hall at the local church, and contracted with a caterer and arranged the church ladies for serving and cleaning up after the party. 

The Birthday Boy and his special lady, Sandy. 

He had a HUGE turnout of over 80 people attend, 
and in lieu of gifts, he did a fundraiser for the church.

Sis-in-law Cindy scooted around and snapped pics of each table, trying to catch all of the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, cousins and friends in attendance. Some traveled as far from Milwaukee, Wild Rose, Clintonville and Belgium (Wisconsin) to honor this wonderful old gentleman on his special day. 

Lots of fun stories, laughter and cheer were included.
Some folks were local friends and neighbors too.

It was great to see so many happy people there to celebrate. 
Steve's older sister Wendy is standing up next to our table, 
with Milwaukee cousins Julie and Greg and Todd enjoying the day.

It was good to see so many faces, 
some of whom we haven't seen for years. 

What a table full of mischief here....  Steves' oldest brother Mark has FIVE grandsons, all close in age. Missed a pic of the 5th, I think that is his arm on the far right coming back to table.  Sometimes Mark and his wife Anne take ALL FIVE for overnights at their house on the lake. What fun!!!

Cindy tried her best to take pics without people chewing mouths full of food.  About the only guy that got caught chewing was her husband, Pete on the right. Sorry Pete! Pete is Steve's younger brother.  Oldest brother Mark and wife Ann also sat with the birthday boy. 

Sister Lynn and her family all traveled up from the 
Sheboygan area to be here for the special day. 

Lynn, who is a talented musician as well as a piano teacher, kept us entertained with holiday music from the church piano. 

Sandys' family also drove up to partake in the day. 
Her grandchildren were a welcome addition to the bunch.

Our grandson Clayton helped me with clearing tables and learning how to be polite and ask if people were finished to take their plates before cake was served. It is nice to teach them to help out. All of the grandkids were on their special behavior and so polite and happy.

Clayton also discovered a section of old log wall 
with chinking in a display in the church hall.

It was preserved to show the original building from where the new hall was added on.  It was so cool that the kids could touch logs that were erected in 1893!!!!

The littlest one there was tiny Beckhem,
the 1 year old great grandson of the birthday boy. 
He made his laps of the church and hall, keeping his parents on their toes.

Steve was singled out by a gentleman whose wife was working the in the kitchen crew. He said he recognized how Steve held his head. It turns out he was Steve's high school shop teacher!!!!  Mr. Tony Patroney  was significantly instrumental in helping Steve achieve skills and lessons in shop. HE was the "ONE" teacher who made a difference in Steve's life. Steve has a form of dyslexia and had a hard time with reading, writing, etc.  The rest of the classes Steve never did so well,  but vocational shop class is where he EXCELLED, of course.  

These two could have talked for hours and hours.  Mr. Patroney remembered so many of things Steve worked on, and Steve helping HIM with extra things after class.  It was great that Steve, after all these years, was able to tell that teacher what a difference he made in Steve's life.  I think all teachers love to hear that from former students. Especially memorable ones like Steve. 

It was a great day for the birthday boy, and he went home with a smile on his face and love in his heart.

He is facing some upcoming health challenges again and needed to have a good day with family and friends around him.  We love you, Pops Pfundtner! 

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