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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Day 39- Off On Another Facebook Marketplace Adventure!

I am writing this blog as we are driving down the road. Ain't technology great?

Steveio finished up his work yesterday on the brake caliper of the motorhome.

Here's a video clip of how that torsion multiplier tool with the nut buddy operates. It's really fascinating

Again, here is the link of where we bought it

from Stark Tools via Walmart online

When he works on the motor home, he is very very careful. Even though the hydraulic jack by the rear tire should be sufficient to hold up the motorhome while he's working on the brake on that side... He added an extra large tree trunk underneath a piece of the suspension.

That way he can be doubly sure that there's no potential problem or fault while working on the brake caliper. I like that he is so safety conscious.

Here is a picture of the old caliper he took off.

No wonder why it was hanging up and failing. The rubber has deteriorated and it allows the moisture to get in and seize the mechanism in the cups.

Here is the new one put on back in place:

He will eventually replace all 4 calipers all the way around. After all, they are 25 years old now. This is the only one that was giving us grief. But eventually we will do them all. All of the brake pads have already been changed as well as the brake lines. We should be good to go now, for another 25 years??

We ran out of energy, as well as daylight, yesterday to hang the porch swing. But we did carry it around this morning and set it into place on the porch. Just to eyeball it to see where it is going to go. Perfect!

It's quite chilly out this morning, down the 30 degree temperature range, with a lot of wind. So we decided to set that task aside for later in the day if it warms up.

In the meantime, we are off on another adventure!

We are doing another socially distant Facebook Marketplace purchase. We are headed down to our old stomping grounds near High Cliff State Park. There is somebody who lives near there selling an absolutely adorable pergola. Steve figures that we are going to be able to reconfigure a little bit, add some paint, and erect it between the she shed and the garage.

It's one of those things we had on our scope of things to do. As Steve says, it's "to pretty up the place".

Hmmmm just like the porch swing.

And the screen doors!!

He just said to me as we are driving along, that's enough stuff now for "prettying up the place".  Now we have to focus on some of the functional items that we need to do.


Soon it will be warm enough to get out into the flower beds and start cleaning those up. Once I plant my little window boxes that I put along the edge of the porch, that will be prettied up even more!

While we are down in Sherwood, Wisconsin to pick up the pergola, we called ahead a big order for the Dick's Family Foods Store there. We used to love shopping there while we worked at High Cliff and lived in Chilton. We were used to shopping there all of the time because they use locally-grown top quality meats, they have a great bakery and deli department, and wonderful friendly staff.

I was able to call them yesterday and recite off a long grocery shopping list. They will have everything gathered by today. All we have to do is call before we are ready to come and pick it up curbside. It is these little small locally-owned grocery stores are really appreciating the local support at this time of difficult business in our temporarily suspended economy. They are very willing to go the extra mile to shop for us, gather our items, scan them all in, give us a total for the credit card and bring them right out directly to our vehicle.

With all this scary talk on the national news about various meat processing plants excetera shutting down, it's probably a very good time to stock up our freezer anyhow. Even though these are locally grown meats and not from those large processors, we do know that what we are getting is good and wholesome from a local farmer.

Even this little bit of peace of mind during these turbulent times is helpful.

We tossed a couple coolers into the back seat of the tracker to have our groceries safely transported back home this afternoon.

Well we are almost there so I will finish adding the photos and post this blog.

Stay tuned to tomorrows blog to see what we have done to "pretty up the place"!

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  1. Always wise to never trust a jack. Glad Steve goth the Caliper changed over.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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