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Monday, April 13, 2020

Day 34 - An Easter Miracle - and Trees

(Day 34 of self quarantine) 

For Easter, 
some people want eggs, 
some want bunnies, 
some want ham. 
But this Easter, our family wanted 

Yes, can you believe it? Our darling little Great-nephew Bennet Bicigo has been suffering and struggling for a year now with liver cancer. The first tumor was removed and a second one grew back quickly, and even larger. He just had surgery last week trying to remove it and it was too big and instead he was put on a liver transplant list.

Amazingly and miraculously, on Easter Sunday, a liver became available from a donor. Thank goodness for people who are willing to put other lives ahead of their own grief, and offer an organ donation from a beloved family member who is dying.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Little Bennett went through an extremely long surgery on Easter Morning, and we got the happy news last night before bedtime was that the liver was in and it was functioning! It's an Easter miracle for the Bicigo Family!!!

This is my older brother Steve's (Butch) youngest son Darren and his wife Chelsea who have Little Bennet, along with their little daughter Lilyan.

The world has been tumultuous and they have had a financial crisis during this questionable time of employment. I never solicit donations on my blog, but this one is awfully special and close to my heart.  A GoFundMe page has been started on their behalf:

Link to little Bennet's GoFundMe:

from the page: Please add them to your prayers, and reach out if you might be able to help them in any way (both are facing losing their jobs due to the duration of his stay exceeding FMLA), I would be grateful, and I know they would too!


We are counting our blessings as Steve is finally starting to feel better. He's not totally up to snuff, and we're not sure exactly what it was that took him down so low and made him feel so miserable for a good two weeks.

Since his energy returned, a bit, we decided to hop on a new project that we have been thinking about.  It was a beautiful day earlier this week, with sun shining and warmer temperatures. A very kind friend of an old neighbor friend offered to let us dig up some beautiful young White Birch saplings from their woods.

We grabbed the shovel 
and in no time flat 
we had a trunk full to bring home!

They range between about 6 to 10 feet in height, so we staggered the variety of heights amongst each clump to make them into a nice landscaping feature.

These should transplant very well because where they were taken from is very similar to the land we are putting them on, and only 6 miles away.

By putting in a clump of 4, if one of them dies off we would still have a nice clump of 3 which I think is the most attractive way to grow white birch trees. We planted the clumps of birch trees in the front yard, balanced on each side of the house, so they are evenly lined up with the corners of the front porch. 

Let us hope they grow quickly and offer good shade and become a beautiful accent to our home.


They also told us to dig up a bunch of these small little fluffy White Pine trees. They are so soft and lush, and remind us of the huge white pines that were in our yard when we lived along the river. These little pines were actually located just around the curve from where our old home was. Perhaps some pine cones from our own original trees were part of the seeds that eventually spread down to create these children of the children of the white pine trees from our old yard?

We planted the little white pines into L-shaped formations, about 10 feet from the borders on each front corner of our property. They should make a nice accent and a definition to each side of our property, as well as a nice little backdrop. Might set up maybe a bird feeder or bird bath to look at from the front porch after they grow a bit?

Steve said he loves the sound of the wind passing through the long white pine needles --- kind of a whispery sound on the breeze.

While we were busy doing this planting, Steve remembered a cute little spruce tree back in our own woods. We moved that up to transplant into the front yard, front and center between the house and garage.  He said he hopes that someday it will grow large and we can decorate it with Christmas lights!!!


On Easter Sunday, I baked two adorable little Easter Bunny cakes. I was almost out of powdered sugar, but just like the old adage:  "Hey Neighbor, Can I Borrow A Cup of Sugar?"  my neighbor Sheryl had a bag to lend to the cause.  I decorated them up, and dropped them off at both of our daughters homes, along with some Easter surprises for the grandchildren. It felt good to do a little something extra special, even though we weren't going to see the children in person.

Our Easter Dinner was made extra special this year in spite of the corona-virus quarantine. Our oldest daughter cooked up a big family celebration meal at her home. Her husband got some aluminum takeout containers and with the help of their oldest daughter, they cooked up a wonderful meal. Their son kept their younger daughter busy, and they also colored wonderful Easter cards for Grandma and Grandpa.

When the meal was ready, they divvied it up among all of the takeout containers. They split the meals into two transport bags and had us come to their porch to pick them up.

One bag held a complete meal for us, and the other bag we transported out to our youngest daughter's home with her husband and two children. So everybody got a wonderful Easter dinner and we kept together by social media while maintaining our social distancing in each of our own homes. What a wonderful thing for them to do, and was an extra special effort during these difficult times.

Of course, she gave us so much food I think we will get two more meals out of the leftovers!!!


We woke up this morning to a final April Fool's Prank! 

We knew it was being forecast in the 4 to 6 inch range. We're very lucky to only get about 2 inches. It was still coming down this morning at 7 a.m., so we crawled back into bed for a while and waited for it to stop. By 8 a.m. the sun was out and everything started melting! Hopefully this will be the last snowfall of the year!!!

I popped out the door onto the front porch to get a couple pictures of our little L-shaped rows of White Pines in the two corners of the front yard. They show up better against the snow than in the grassy photos posted up above.

I saw the little neighbor girls next door quickly making a snowman this morning. It will be the last one of the season and it's going to melt fast. Goodbye Frosty, until next year.

The day is zooming by here, it's already after lunch.  We reheated some of our Easter Dinner leftovers for lunch. Thank you, Erin and Waylen!!! 


  1. Karen, so glad to hear all of the good news of you and your family. May God continue to bless all of you!

  2. What a MIRACLE on Easter morning !! God Bless you both. We woke up to rain and 42 degrees and lots of wind we live 1 hour north east of Toronto.

  3. Congratulations on having Liver for little Bennet on Easter Sunday.
    Also happy to see you Enjoyed Easter as a family while practicing Social Distancing. Hard to do as a Grandparent.
    All those trees you planted will truly give accent to your home.
    There are signs some of that White Stuff this coming week.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

  4. What a blessing for little Bennet and his family. What a wonderful gift the other family has given yours.

    Take care and stay well!

  5. What a wonderful Easter Miracle for little Bennet and all of your family! What a sweet gesture by your children for the Easter lunch!


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