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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Been Outta The Loop

I am sorry.  I have had readers emailing me and texting me about not blogging lately.

I am having some medical issues.  It has resulted in 3 emergency room visits, 2 doc office visits, 2 specialists, and an outpatient surgery and now to explore and take biopsies and find some answers.  Multiple tests with CT scan, EKG, bloodwork etc. all completed.

I am taking so many pills each day that I rattle when I walk. 

Trying to get better and get some answers.  I think I am on the upswing now.

We have a lot of camping to do, 
grandkids to cuddle, 
rugs and quilts to create
 and projects to do around Our Old House. 


  1. Karen, sorry to hear of the medical issues, but glad to hear you think you're on the upswing now. Take care of yourself and enjoy one day at a time!
    Hugs and best wishes!

  2. Hope you feel better fast! Praying for good results of your test.

  3. Sending lots of prayers your way for answers and healing. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Oh my gosh,....you sure don't have time to be under the weather.......hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I'm sorry you are going through all this. I hope they find a cause and a solution quickly.

  6. Hope you are feeling better now and will get the answers you need soon.

  7. I was wondering how you were doing after the last post and was hoping you were just busy with projects and not dealing with health issues. I pray that things will work out well and you will soon be your chipper self

  8. Thanks for posting! Sending lots of positive thoughts for a full and quick recovery!

  9. I can relate in a small way to what you are going through, and I will keep you in my thoughts. Hope we both come out swinging!

  10. Hope you are on the road to recovery, and able to get back to doing all the interesting things you write about!

  11. Praying all has been resolved and that you will soon be back to living the Life you wanted.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  12. Hurry and get well soon...we miss the updates Prayers being sent.


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