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Saturday, February 3, 2018

MOTORHOME MODIFICATIONS *C* Caulking, Coleman Lantern and CB Radio and SNOW!

I am going to start off the new year with posting three of our motorhome modifications at a time. I will post repairs, modifications, or neato things we have found for RVing.  I have lots of pics in my files so I will do them in alphabetical order.

Underneath that stuff, I will post my regular daily stuff..... kinda sorta fun, eh?

So here it goes, we are up to the letter C now!


A yearly project is to inspect and fill in all the little spaces along the three trim strips on our motorhome.  It has aluminum siding with three horizontal riveted strips that tend to lose their caulking over time.

Flexing with heat/cold changes seem to make these strips loosen up and allow water intrusion.  Especially the top most strip lets in the water that runs off the roof!  Most of the roof stains and leaks we see on other people's Safari rigs are from these strips.  So showing what to look for and what to use to seal them is our Public Service Announcement today! 

The best product to use is a clear silicone that is UV resistant and made especially for RV's.  It is called Pro Flex RV made by Geocel. Most RV shops carry it, and you can also get it on Amazon. It comes in white, almond, black and clear.  Of course, on the blue paint, we need clear.

 We learned to go over the ridges carefully and clean out any gaps. 
We cut the tip of the caulk tube for only a small bead on an angle,
and slide along letting it seep into the crack. 

Steve also noticed that our front marker lights in the overhead cap were leaking.
He removed each one and caulked around behind each one too, 
not just the plastic lens.
(note: this is his telescoping ladder we keep in the motorhome)

 Should last another 20 years??

CB Radio:
"Breaker Breaker One Nine, heading this ship down a concrete sea, catch ya on the flip flop!" 

Seriously, our motorhome came with a CB radio! We have used it on a number of occasions and sometimes turn it on when we are bored on a long stretch of trucking highway.  Listening to the truckers can be entertaining, but some of their language will make ya blush.  They give you up-to-the-second information on what is happening up ahead, or weather, or road conditions.  Especially on mountain passes when there is no cell or data signal to find out what is going on.  

It is a hand held unit wired in and hangs on a clip on the dash by Steve's knee.

Up on the roof is the wired in antenna....  
we check that yearly for leaks and have it caulked up pretty good, eh? 

We also have a hand held CB that operates on batteries.  It works well if I drive ahead in the Tracker into a campground to scope out the sites while Steve waits in the rig at the gate or office. Then he can specify the site and get us registered at the office or kiosk. We like this method if I can tell him the shortest route to get to our campsite instead of looping around and around trying to find a site with the big motorhome.  Also, we have used it with friends travelling in pairs to get ahold of us and not use up cell phone minutes. (back when we had a plan like that)  

We have also used it when Steve goes out in the boat, fishing with my brothers up north. No cell service up there in a lot of the places we like to camp. We can call the guys to come back up to the campground when supper is ready etc.  

Coleman Propane Lantern:
Remember those days of the big old lantern with the white gas, pumping up the little rod to pressurize it and turning the vent lever up and down for correct mix of air and fuel?  and the POOF when it ignites?  LOL... Also how many broken glass globes too?  

Well, Coleman did a bit better with this nice little lantern that runs on those small 1 pound propane cylinders or with a hose to a larger BBQ tank.  The globe is smaller and surrounded by a protective wire cage.  The glass is also thicker now and less prone to breakage.  (we haven't broken it yet)  It comes with a flat circle stand to set it on a table, and it has a small chain you can hang it up with an S hook. It only has one mantle, but puts off a bunch of light.  

What I like BEST about it, is that it is not so NOISY!  Ya know... that noise the old lanterns used to make?  Kinda a whooshing buzzing vacuum sound?  This one is pretty danged quiet and makes it much nicer to use out in the quiet woods. One small propane cylinder can last all night for these if you wish to keep a light on. 


It's Saturday and we are FINALLY getting some *SN*O*W*!!!  Not much yet, but supposed to amount to 3-5".  This is so strange because we should be buried underneath at least 2 feet by now this time of year. 

I walked around with my coffee cup this morning, and snapped a few pics...

From the bedroom window through the screen,
the road down below is starting to get covered.

I came down the stairs to the foyer
and looked out the leaded window on the stairs...
Yup.. it's snowing on the driveway! 

Went out in the cold front porch for a "look see", it's up to 18 degrees outside, better than the below zero stuff the last few days.  I left up the bittersweet wreath from Christmas because I felt it was still kinda wintery and festive. The little cardinal is from my friend Vicky. 

 Empty planters, naked weeping cherry tree, 
and dried hydrangea bushes
are waiting for spring

I turned around to see these two goofballs 
who followed me out on the porch. 
Wondering: "What's Up?"

Steve was busy inside the house, trying to use the solar calculator in the dim morning light on a cloudy day. LOL!  I told him he could use the calculator on his laptop just as well.... he never thought of that he said.  Silly man.

These two snuck back inside as well,
and curled up on the couch.  
They watch everything I do.
They know they got it good, staying inside and cozy warm.

Yup... it can snow all day if it wants to.
I have nowhere to go today.

Steve has a few projects he wants to work on. I don't think they need my Gopher Assistance, as far as I know. But I wait for his "beck and call" come and help if he needs me.

Now I am going back up to my sewing room and work on my quilt.

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