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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


You betcha...  pneumonia. Ugh!

I am clawing my way up to the surface of fog to type a blog this evening.  A Blog Fog??

I have been down and out for over a week now.  My cold (lovingly shared from the grandkids before New Years) had turned in to pneumonia. Of course.  I knew it would.

It's only about my 23rd or 24th time having it.  Back two or three years ago we totalled up the doc visits and had 21 times in my records.  Not fun.  Since my lungs were compromised in 2002 in a chemical burn spill, they manage to be susceptible to pneumonia, I was on oxygen for a long time.  The lungs slowly heal, but are still weakened and always will be.  My pulmonologist said that for me, the pneumonia shot does no good.

So after two doc visits and xrays, back again to get even two stronger antibiotics and steroids, I am now working my way through it.  Steve has been a wonderful help, and has taken care of everything so I can rest.  He has been plying me with fruits, juices, crackers and frozen sherbet fruit popsicles. He has our whole house humidifier cranked up to keep me comfy. AWWWWW  I try to sleep when he is gone driving for the county.

But I am pouting.  Feeling sorry for myself.  I am sleep deprived. I have no energy. I wheeze and whistle and gurgle and make bubbly crackly sounds inside my lungs. The noise is in my throat and my ears on the inside. It keeps me awake. I play the tv loud enough to drown it out so I can sleep. It's like cellophane crinkling.  It's called "rales":

  • Rales. Small clicking, bubbling, or rattling sounds in the lungs. They are heard when a person breathes in (inhales). ...Crackling or bubbling noises (rales) made by movement of fluid in the tiny air sacs of the lung.

And all the coughing has my ribs and muscles just aching and sore.  Soothing baths help some. Sitting up does the best so I can keep the lungs as clear as I can.

Fun, huh?

In the last ten days, we did manage to take down all of our Christmas decorations.  Bit by bit. I would do a few things at a time, then go rest. A few more, and go rest.  I am glad we splurged on 8 new green tote bins with red lids.   Now that we added the new shelves to the garage, we can put these totes out there.  Steve did all the work and carrying.  All I did was toss things in the totes.  Ha.

We sealed each tote with shrink wrapping to keep out any unwanted bugs or spiders or flies, since they will be in the garage for the next 11 months.

These lightweight totes will all go on Steve's new suspended racks in the garage.  This will free up more room in the closet in my sewing room, which previously had been packed almost floor to ceiling with Christmas stuff.

Steve took down the tree once I got it all undecorated.  The foyer looks so empty now.  I keep expecting to go through the pocket doors and see the tree all aglow.  Oh well, next year.

Steve went out and took down all of the outside lights
from on the house and the little pine tree,
 and put away the cords and timers.
It looks so dull and bare now out there too. 

Boy, I sound like a Debbie Downer, don't I? I should be thankful. I might try to do some knitting. Maybe some quilting. I have just been laying around watching tv and trying to breathe.

Check out my two nurses???  They give 24/7 care and are covered by our insurance plan.  Pay is cheap. Dog food, treats, and pats on the head. Even a belly scratch every now and then.  They follow me all around, keeping an eye on me. They wait by the shower or the bathtub while I steam to open my lungs.  They are VERY eager to see what I don't feel like eating after each meal, helping to clean up. Good team, eh?

This too shall pass. 


  1. Oh, you poor thing. I got the flu, then a cold, in early December, and I still do not really feel 100%. Wishing you a speedy recovery.....take care of yourself.

  2. Kept wondering why you didn't get the pneumonia shot....now I know. Bummer. Hope you are back up and running soon. I am with you on how dull it all looks when the lights come down, I miss the sparkly trees. In fact, I still have the main exterior house lights up. Next weekend I suppose. Nice to have colored totes, I have those as well, but haven't counted them. I think 8 is a very reasonable number.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. Again! Good to have a husband like your Steve and my Dave to take such good care of us. Not that I have pneumonia but, you know, for other care things.

  4. Wishing you well. I know the house looks so drab now with everything put away.

  5. So sorry to hear of your illness. Sure hope you feel better soon!

  6. Hope you are well on the road to recovery by now. You manage to get more done sick than most of us do when well....lol.

  7. That is a bummer. Glad you're getting better. I'm sure those two nurses are a big help.

    You and Steve need to get a doctor's slip telling you to come to Southern Arizona to heal:)


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