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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Clawed My Way To the Top and Upcoming Travel Decisions

Whew! After almost three weeks of pneumonia, and after 3 different courses of antibiotics and some steroids thrown in for good measure, I THINK I am getting better!

Clawing my way to the top of the deep fog is how I feel today. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and starting to feel "normal" for whatever that is worth for me.  hahahahaha

I am still going to lay low and be a hermit for a while, until this flu outbreak passes. The LAST thing I need at this time of my healing is to get the flu.  The doc said to avoid any crowds, wash hands and get plenty of rest.  Heck, even the stylus for signing the tablet each time I went for Xrays is probably caked full of flu germs.  I slathered myself with the antibacterial solution multiple times at each step of the process when going in for the xrays three times last week.  Touching elevator buttons, door handles, ATM buttons and checkout stylus for signing at registers is also a no-no. (especially at the pharmacy counter!) Probably better to hang out inside my own house and keep away from any flu bug possibilities.

Now for the other part of my title....  Upcoming Travel Decisions!

Steve and I had a long talk about upcoming travel plans.  Usually we head south or out to the desert this time of year for 6-7 weeks. Leaving winter in Wisconsin and getting south is tricky, timing ourselves to weather tracking, clear pavement and time off work.  This year could be different, we could leave anytime now that Steve is retired.  Also, Steve's job driving for the county is flexible and he can leave for periods of time and come back to work again.  But......  we may not leave for any trips this winter.

Steve's elderly dad is moving from one house to another. We have been helping with some of the steps to get his possessions transferred.  We helped with some of the garage items, vehicles and garden equipment.  Next will be the delicate and breakable things. It's 70 miles from us to get over to his old house, then 150 miles to his new house, and then 120 miles back to our house.   So that totals to 340 miles round trip each time.

The Big Move of most of the household stuff is coming up in early February, so we are going to be assisting with that as well.  He is using a moving company for a lot of it, but needs our help with the supervising, loading, unloading, placement etc. Getting him settled in the new house, in the middle of winter is going to be exciting.  They just got 25 inches of snow there last week, and more to come of course.

Steve and I decided to save our pennies and take maybe two trips this upcoming spring and fall instead.  We don't ever get out west to see the northwestern states.  So perhaps we will do that instead?    He also mentioned a trip to our friends in Tennessee and spend a week or two.  Hmmmmm


But of course, if the winter doldrums set in, and once his dad is moved and settled, there IS a chance we might just hop in the rig and leave and head south to some warmth (and healing sunshine?) for us.  Our friends out in the southwest keep beckoning us to come on out. They are saving spots for us at a desert hot springs, a great boondocking spot, or a location by their land they own.  Ya never know?

Here are some of the trips we have taken, with our Microsoft Streets and Trips leaving mouse trails of where we have been....

I know for my RV blog readers, my blog has gotten boring and nothing much about RVing.  I see the RV readership is dropping off. But I am going to fix that now.  I am going to redux some blogs I wrote a few years back.... all about the motorhome modifications from A to Z in our rig!

I will intersperse them with some blog posts about Campground Reviews that I do of each place we have been.  Now I will have some interesting blogs for my RV readers. 

As for my fiber readers, I am working on a quilt and will soon have pics of it as I put it on the big frame to get it quilted and finished.  I am also knitting socks, weaving rugs and towels, and playing with my spinning yarns.

Steve has a few ideas of projects for Our Old House: maybe repainting the back hallway with some fresh paint.  Thinking of some trim ideas to dress up the exterior this spring,  And maybe even some more organizing and detail work in his garage to make more of a workshop area?   We will see.....

Anyhow, stay tuned for some upcoming blogs now that I am feeling better!


  1. My sister Anna just E-mailed us saying she has been sick Three Times with the same Flu. Doctors are really upset the the Vaccine administered this year was way off the mark.
    Too bad Steve's Dad wasn't moving closer instead of further away.
    Being in Quartzsite this week will be a real PITA but we'll survive. We've been noticing a large presence of Safari Motorhomes. When we went to Plomosa Road yesterday there was a gathering of at least Thirty Safari Motorhomes. Thought you might be interested for next winter. I'm sure Steve would like to share and get ideas from other Safari Owners. Plomosa Road is BLM land where you register with the Camphost and stay "Off the Grid" for up to fourteen days "FREE".
    A bit of food for thought and it might be a great way for us to finally say hello.
    Hope you are both feeling better soon.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We saw on our Safari group that they were gathering. We were in that area once, but not during the big Quartzite event. Maybe someday we will get there too!

  2. Karen, it has nothing to do with boring, your blog is never boring. It just has to do with all the years so many of us have read RV blogs. For me, it has been almost a dozen years! There are a few of us around from back then, some still blogging daily, others, like me, blogging only now and then when the mood strikes me or we head out on a trip. Your RV fixit posts are great for some, but I usually pass them over in favor of the stories about your life. We all have busy lives and much reading seems to go by the wayside. I know that I read many less blogs than I used to when it was all new. Admittedly, not much is really new any more so it takes a special blog to keep me reading, and as I said, even the special ones go wanted now and then. So glad you are finally doing better. Also...Streets and Trips....I have the disks, but am not sure it will install on the new version of Windows 10. I sure do miss it!

    1. I am not sure about S&T working on Windows 10... I am still windows 7 here. Well, you still have to click on my blogs even if they start with Motorhome Modifications, because the family stuff is down below on each one under the three items I am highlighting. LOL....


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