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Friday, March 31, 2017

A Fine Young Man

I know I haven't written my blog for the last few days, but Grandpa Pfun and I have been pretty busy. You see, we had this wonderful fine young man come to stay with us for 4 days.

Yes our oldest grandson, Jameson, who is eight and three quarters years old came to spend his spring vacation at our house.

He is such an intelligent young guy, with an interest in Science and love of animals. When he got here we were able to take our dogs out for a nice long walk. He's very gentle with our dogs, because he understands they are rescue dogs and somewhat timid. They know he would never hurt them because he has two dogs of his own and knows how to behave around dogs.

Of course our dogs love him so much they even slept with him every night in the guest room. They stayed there all night and didn't even bother to come back to our room to their own little doggie beds on the floor. Why would they? They had a nice warm cuddly buddy in their bed.

Jameson enjoys cooking, and helped to do quite a few different tasks in the kitchen with Grandpa and myself. He helped to make breakfast bake casserole, tacos, and even our family specialty Chompy on the Bone! Which are breaded pork chops baked in the oven that have been rolled in seasoned bread crumbs.

and our best creation of the week...


He is a really good helper and loves watching the cooking shows on TV too. Every Sunday he and his mom bake something special at their house. He's really good at cracking eggs and stirring things up and knows just how to be careful around the stove so he doesn't get burned.

I was really excited to get a big package in the mail on Tuesday. It's an old table loom that I had sold to my friend Linda in Tennessee many years ago. She was doing some downsizing of her own looms at her studio and offered to sell it back to me for the same price she paid for it. She shipped it up here and Jameson helped me unpack it.

Here is a short video segment of him showing off a few of his Tae kwon Do skills. What a kid!

Now here is where my heart just melts and I want to cry inside and out. I honestly did tear up when I saw how wonderful this young man helped me to assemble my loom. I hurt my elbow last week so any twisting motion with my left hand wasn't doing too well. But he grabbed the tools and helped me start assembling this complicated loom. What a helper! It really did my heart good to have such an industrious young man to assist me.

Grandpa didn't even have to help, he hung out in the living room in his easy chair and let us do the work!

Our four days were filled with a lot of fun. We did play a little basketball up at the park in between the rain showers and snow that we have had on and off over the last 4 days. I'm glad we got a little time in the park even though the skies were gray and threatening rain.

Grandpa showed Jameson a few of his special moves. Did you know Steve played basketball in high school? Yes both he and his brother Pete were on the Gibraltar high school basketball team

Jameson loved reading some news articles about his Grandpa Pfun
from back in the day

Here is also a little clip of Jameson making a few baskets. I even took the ball and dribbled a little and made a basket myself!

We wanted to go to a movie sometime during the week but the only thing playing at the Chilton theater was Beauty and the Beast. So we kind of nixed that idea and instead spent a whole day going to five different thrift shops in the area. What fun ...we were exploring for "Treasures". I found a bag full of rag balls all ready to be woven into a rug,  a few silver dinner forks that I make into my sock knitting tools and Jameson found a couple different toys that needed to come home with him. I paid him $5 as a reward for helping me with the loom, (He never asked for money, and just enjoyed helping me)

The week went fast..... on Friday morning Grandpa had to leave to go drive his old fart party bus. Jameson helped me with a couple more things around the house and then after our lunch it was time to bring him back home.

We will miss him terribly, but that's okay because tomorrow we are meeting up with all of the grandchildren for a swimming birthday party for our other grandsons Mason and Clayton! So we will see Jameson tomorrow.

That will be a chance to bring back any of the odds and ends he left around the house, like socks stuck between the bed sheets, or his toothbrush laying in the bathroom, or all of the little pieces and parts of baubles or toys he bought.

This is the stuff that memories are made of! 


  1. Making great memories with the Grands is priceless and what better way to impress them then to show them Grampa was good at the hoops.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. He not only sounds like a fine young man he is pretty good looking, also. Love the last picture. Spending time with grandchildren nothing better...

  3. What a great grandson, Jameson is. Even helps with the cooking. It is great to spend time with the grandkids one on one.


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