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Sunday, February 5, 2017


Since the Packers are not in the Super Bowl tonight, I am going to work on my blog while the tv is on... and watch the commercials.  I will root for Atlanta seeing as I am not fond of the Patriots. 

I am going to start off the new year with posting some of our motorhome modifications, a few at a time. I will post repairs, modifications, or neato things we have found for RVing.  I have lots of pics in my files so I will do them in alphabetical order.

Underneath that stuff, I will post my regular daily stuff..... kinda sorta fun, eh?

This is the last of the D's! 


Drain Cap:
We bought a different drain cap than the one that came with our motorhome.  This one is kinda cool because it has an outlet that you can screw on a garden hose type fitting to it. It fits on like any bayonet type mounted cap, but has this little cap that can be unscrewed to add a hose.

This is especially handy if you want to drain out some of your grey water to put out your campfire before heading to bed or leaving your campsite.  Also some parks out west allow you to run your grey water into the nearby shrubs to help with moisture as long as it is not standing water under your rig.  Often if we are only gone for a weekend, we will run our grey water out in our yard via a hose over to my tomato plants.  Especially if it is a dry spell and my rain barrels are low.

Drawer Glides:
Our motorhome has some pretty big drawers, especially on the bottom sections under the closets.  The glides under them were pretty weak and often the drawers would pop out beyond and come out all wiggly and not slide back into place.  Steve examined them closely and decided to mount in a better set of higher quality glides in all of the big drawers in the kitchen and bathroom.  Now they slide in and out easily and never "go off the rails" .....

 but... they do not have a "stop" built into them for when they are shut now, 
like the other smaller drawers do. 

You know, the LIFT then PULL out feature in most RVs? 
Soooo the drawers do sometimes roll out during transit.  
Not good. 

Drawer Velcro Fix:
I came up with this idea!   I cut some heavy duty velcro (LOVE that stuff!) into little upside down L shapes.  I stuck the fuzzy ones to the frame around the drawer in places they will not be seen once the drawer is shut.  I stuck the corresponding sticky pokey pieces to back lip of the drawer, lining them up.  Voila!  No more opening drawers!  Just a tiny tug to open, and the velcro holds them shut during transit.

Dicor Caulk:
I know I talked in a few past blogs about using this Dicor product on the roof to seal any seams, around vents and antennas, and around our solar panel brackets. It is the GREATEST Stuff to use on the roof, and many RV shops sell it as their only caulk.  It is made to be flexible and comes in white, or cream.  It is self leveling and there is a formula that will not hurt rubber EPDM material.  We keep a tube on hand in the rig, along with a patch of Eternabond tape in case of having problems on the road. As a matter of fact, I think we used our last patch on my brother's travel trailer so we need to replenish again with a new hunk soon. 

Dog Supplies:
Dog supplies are important to have along in our RV.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know we are VERY fond of our dogs... and try to keep them as well-behaved campground doggies who do not cause any trouble.   Things that make our dog-walking more pleasant is having along certain "Doggie Doo Doo supplies"  and easy ways to carry them.  I like to wear capris and Tshirts in the summer. Thus, that means no pockets to carry supplies --- no keys or cell phone. Hmmmmm  One day I found these little saddle packs from Flexi that strap around the casing of the Flexi Leashes.

I know they have those expensive little rolls of doggie poop bags you can buy, but they are a pain to unroll, rip apart, and open up as your dog is wanting to keep on moving through the campground.  We found these boxes of loose bags with little tie handles at the local Dollar Tree store.  They were two boxes for a dollar... so that is 100 bags for a buck!  I stuff about 20 in the little zipper compartment in each flexi lead.

I also use them in the little trash can I posted about in my last blog.  I like being able to put one bag on my hand, and pick up the offending mess and put it into another bag, so I am using two bags each time.  I don't care about using two, just glad the deed is done and I don't have to touch it.  Tying the handles in a firm knot and slipping the looped handles onto the leash helps carry it until we find a suitable trash can to dispose of it.

Well, the Falcons are ahead by 21-0 and it will be half time soon.
Wonder what Lady GaGa has planned? 

 So far I have not seen any commercials that knocked my socks off....
on edit.... yup... the Albert Einstein commercial for 
National Geographic Genius series won my vote so far! 

And Lady GaGa's show was pretty nice, amazing and how she started it 
was wonderful.. and how she ended it left me in a shriek! 


Back to the blog: 
We took sweet Millie to go see Dad P again at the therapy center.  He is doing well, had a little set back with a quick visit to the ER and back again, just making sure there is no infection.  Little Millie was SO GLAD to see her "daddy" and make sure he is okay. 

That is such a cool device they have on his knee.  There is a cooler set up nearby full of ice and water. Then a pump device on top of the cooler sends the icy water through the hose and circulates it on a special pad that is strapped over his knee.  Amazing!

Steve and his Pops played some cribbage (Pops won!) and we hung out and spent time with him. I brought along knitting and kept myself occupied. The center is very hot, for the patients' comfort. Will have to remember to wear t shirt and light slacks next time. Both Steve and I were pretty warm in our winter clothes.

And sweet, well-behaved Millie was all too happy to be laying at her master's feet.  Content and at peace.  She is welcome at this center, and I walked her out to do a bathroom break. She gets lots of pats and pets and admiration all the way out and back in again from the residents, staff and visitors.  We didn't put on her official Therapy Dog Vest this time. We will have to bring it again next time. She likes wearing it because it means she is "On Duty" for working.

We loaded her up to go back home. She was not happy to leave her master behind. But we reassure her with treats and special attention all the way home.  I know she misses him SO Much.  Must be why we spoil her rotten by letting her sleep on our bed between our legs the last two weeks. hahahaha

Saturday we started a task that we have been meaning to do for a couple years now.  Since we bought Our Old House in 2012, we repainted most of the rooms during the first year.  We kinda put off the foyer, both stairwells, and the upstairs hallway that runs the whole length of the house.  We just never got around to it.  I did buy a couple gallons of good Pittsburgh Grand Distinction paint (low almost no smell, no splatter, no drips and covers really good)   I had all the supplies ready for the day we wanted to start.  I even won a whole big box of red polka dot flannel backed tablecloths in an auction!  They worked GREAT for drop cloths because the flannel back clings to the carpeted stairs and doesn't slide off like plain plastic would. 

The walls were a peachy taupe beige color... and really needed to be freshened up with new paint.  I chose China White which is just slightly creamy and would look nice against the reddish orange brown of the woodwork.   Most of our other rooms are creamy white too. I like that in a Craftsman House.  I am not into the new style of those bright bold or dark colors in rooms. I like airy and light and clean and crisp. 

Steve and I started draping and taping.  Did I tell you that Steve HATES painting?  But we wanted to get this done and now was a good time to get to it.  (things might change next week, so more on that later) We are good painters and try to not splatter, but we taped the woodwork just in case. 

Hauling out the new paint, and brushes, I went to work doing the cutting in....  around all of the doors, windows, and along the baseboards.  Steve manned the roller and got the first coat on.

It was drying pretty well that we almost didn't need a second coat.... but we did roll a second as it dried within an hour or so before moving on to the next section. 

As we started up the front stairwell (we have two sets of stairs in our house to the upper level)  Steve got out his extension handle for the painting roller.  All I could do was cut in along the baseboard up the staircase and around the leaded window. The rest now was up to him.  You can see the difference this lighter paint makes! 

Once he got wayyy up to the top, he could still reach with the extension pole.  
No ladders or scaffolding needed to get up 18+ feet to the top! 
While standing on the staircase at an angle, of course. 

I had bought a silly little spongey roller wheel disc thing.  It is meant to get into the cracks between the ceiling and walls (we are painting them both the same color). At first Steve was kinda doubting it would work, but it really did!

Two coats over everything from the foyer up the stairwell to the top of the stairs, plus all of the ceiling sections too.  We only used up less than two gallons for all that square footage.  Wowzer!   We cleaned up and put things away to make supper.  Only a few hours and we got a LOT accomplished working together as a team.  After supper we hopped in the car and took a ride to Manitowoc Menards to get two more gallons to finish the rest this week.

I thought Steve was going to hit the floor running this morning and start on the next section. Instead he said no, he was kinda sore and thinking he would not paint today after all???    That is fine with me... it gave me time to work on some quilting.

The sun was shining so nicely today, and the temps came up to 32!  (tomorrow is forecast to hit 37!)  I went out on the porch for a bit with the dogs.  The sunshine warmed it up and we sat out there while I read for awhile.  The dogs kept an eye out for any people walking by....

They are such good doggers and have been getting along well.

Finnegan                          Millie                            Binney

It was so peaceful out there... and I put on some soft Celtic music.  Not too often that we can spend an afternoon out there in February.  Sure made me miss the summer months where we spend a lot of time on the porch.  We are due for some more snow, maybe on Tuesday, so winter will return again to Wisconsin.  Might as well enjoy this nice weather for the time being.

  • I liked the commercial about telling the little girl she is equal from Audi....
  • and the one about Melissa McCarthy was a hoot!  
  • The Mr. Clean one was trashy.... 
  • and the one of Albert Einstein was really good too.  
Now the Falcons are ahead 28-9.  Wheeeeeee


  1. Do you have anymore info on Sam and Donna

    1. The newest was five days ago: update on Sam. hospital has decided they are not equiped to handle Sam Weibel and his various issues. they recently bought St Louis Unversity Hospital and he is going to be transferred there as their neurology department is used to handling tough problems. If I had known sooner that slu was under ssm banner and insurance would cover I would have had him transferred long ago. slu is one of the top hospitals in the country. his nurse today Olivia told me is was much better today more talkative and lless confused. She is going to call me when decision is made to transfer him. She has been a great nurse to deal with

  2. I love the picture of Millie giving her Daddy a hug. The new paint makes so much difference in the stairwell and the chandelier is gorgeous. I love old houses. They have so much character. Unfortunately many people gut them and make the fell all modern inside.

    1. I hate when I see people paint over gorgeous century old woodwork! ARGGHHHH!!!! we have tried hard to restore what is original, and if we do improve, it is to keep the old style flavor and style of the home. New paint, wiring, plumbing and fixtures but look old fashioned. We also removed the wall to wall carpeting in most of the house and restored the hardwood floors. I just LOVE them! The family we bought the house from still come to visit it, and enjoy that fact that we are keeping it "the same" ....

  3. I didn't watch the game. The only sports that I watch on TV and in person are the Top Fuel Drag Races. It has been a long winter without them but they start again next week.

    1. Hahahah If I put on a car race, by the third or fourth lap I am asleep.... and drag racing never held any interest for me either. I guess we could admire the desert together on Mother Nature's TV!


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