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Monday, January 4, 2016

Grandma, Write It Down Please So I Don't Forget?

This blog post is about our oldest grandson, Jameson. He is seven years old.  And this is about something that occurred between us during our family Christmas celebration.

We had all slept over at our oldest daughter Erin's house, and in the morning we needed to make breakfast for 8 adults and five grandchildren (little Whitney still drinks a bottle)  LOL

I have a favorite recipe that lets me make breakfast all at once, and not have to mess with separate fry pans of eggs, ham, taters, toast etc.  

This recipe is called Biscuit Breakfast Bake.

Jameson asked me if he could help. Of course!   All of the younger ones clamored and wanted to come in and get in on the act, but I said no... not this time.  Go play and let just the two of us make breakfast.  We had to actually shut the baby gate to keep them OUT!

Jameson enjoys the tv show about Junior Master Chef and spends time in the kitchen. He even asked me when can he come and make cookies at my house again.

My little Master Chef did sooo good!  He sprayed the pans liberally with Pam, and helped snip up three refrigerator rolls of large flakey biscuits into quarters with a scissors.

(the little pup in the background is named Biscuit, so she got to stay and watch) 

He did multiplication in his head (only a second grader, mind you) of 8 biscuits cut up into quarters were 32 pieces times 3 pans equals 96 pieces of biscuits!!!!

He learned to divide a one pound bag of cubed ham into thirds.... and sprinkle them into each pan.

Then he figured that three dozen eggs were the same as 36 eggs and helped crack a dozen at a time into a bowl to pour over the biscuits and ham.  (only one egg broke onto the floor- oops) We don't add the milk like the top recipe says.... it seems to be too runny.  We just slightly beat the eggs so there are chunks of yellow and white in the finished product.

He divided up the bag of shredded cheese and spread dried onion flakes on only one pan. We added green parsley the top and some pepper too. The ham is already salty so we omitted that.  He helped cover them with tin foil and we slid them into the oven. Sooo carefully.  Set the timer and waited.

About 20 minutes later they were firmed up enough to pull off the tin foil and slide them back in to brown up crisp.  The flakey biscuits rise up and get crusty tips on the casserole.

There you have it, eggs, ham and toast and cheese all in one! 
 Cut into big squares and your group breakfast is done! 

He was beaming from the praise heaped upon him by the grownups for cooking such a good breakfast.  (the other kids were begging for their turn, and he explained he will teach one, each year, at Christmas, starting with the next oldest and down the line)  A new tradition is born.

Afterwards, he came quietly over to me, tugging my sleeve and plaintively asked:

"Grandma, can you write down the instructions for me
so I don't forget the recipe?"



So I wrote it up on a piece of cardstock with a fancy backing on it and mailed it to him, in an envelope addressed to him at his house.  Time for him to start his own recipe box! 


  1. It's nice having traditions that will bring fond memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Our 12-year-old grandson is quite the cook. On several mornings
    during the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years holidays he chose
    the menu and cooked it with just a bit of help from his elders. He's
    almost as academically/mathematically talented as his older brother,
    and adds talents in cooking, jazz trumpeting, sports, and art.
    I actually don't envy him picking one among his multiple life choices...

  3. I love watching Master Chef Junior - it's amazing what those kids know about cooking! And what nice one-on-one time with Jameson. It will be something he'll remember forever, and who knows, maybe one day we'll see him on TV.

  4. What a cutie! It's going to be fun making this dish every year with the younger sibs as the years progress. It looks delicious!

  5. wonderful. I never had much patience with little ones in the kitchen, possibly because as a tot I was burned by a large pot of boiling coffee that spilled on me.

    My daughter has always encouraged her sons to help, even when it was more trouble than it was worth.

    Now at 12 and 15 they are both very good cooks and willing to share the work of preparing large family meals.

    You have started a great tradition. Hope you all have many warm holidays together.


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