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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HAPPY 60TH ANNIVERSARY - Mom and Dad Pfundtner!

On Saturday, the Pfundtner Clan celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of Steve's parents -
~~ Paul and MaryAnn Pfundtner ~~

(needlepoint gift made by Heather) 

The planning was perfect, from the flowers, menu, cake, and even the ice sculpture!!!
(it was about 3 feet high and 4 feet wide, illuminated from underneath) 

Wendy was able to abscond with a wedding photo to be transferred onto the cake.. what a neato idea! 

My oh my, were they ever surprised when they came in... and they could not have imagined what they were walking into!  They thought they were just meeting their son Pete to introduce them to "someone special" in his life....

Guess we are ALL special in his life, huh?

Steve's sister Wendy and brother Pete planned the whole surprise party... and we almost all were able to come.  (Chelsea was sick so Erin and Mark didn't make it, nor did Steve's sister Lynn and her family) ....  but the rest of us traveled to the site.   It was 120 miles away in Wautoma at the Silvercryst Supper Club http://www.silvercryst.com/

The laughter and joy in the room was wonderful... and the wee ones were gathered at the big picture windows, looking out over the flowers, out to the beach and onto Silver Lake.   We enjoyed seeing our grandkids Allegra and Jameson, and also our niece's little guy, Lucas!   Wish Chelsea had been there too, but she had been sick all the day before, and she was in the process of going to see the pediatrician while we were all at the party.  : (

Steve's brother Mark said a lovely prayer for the family, and brought us together in love and caring for the wonderful couple who were responsible for all of us celebrating on this special day.

The meal was wonderful, with choices of steaks, salmon, pork or chicken....  there was a lot of love and family emotion filling that room, for sure!  

The Guests of Honor - Paul and MaryAnn Pfundtner

Steve's sister Wendy Pfundtner, hostess of the event

Uncle Gordy, Aunt Nancy and Cousin Jon Hennum

Steve's niece Heather and husband Dave Reh

Steve's brother Mark and his wife Shirley Pfundtner
(and proud grandparents of little Lucas) 

Steve's niece Faith Pfundtner and her beau Kurt

Steve's niece Jen and husband Robert Jones
and darling little Lucas, the light of their lives! 

Steve's cousin Kathy Hennum and his brother Pete, host of the event

Our daughter Heather and her husband Jesse Wade,
along with our little grandson Jameson

Our son Dan and his wife Heather,
and our little granddaughter Allegra

and yes, us, Steve and Karen Pfundtner

Stories were told, gifts were given and memories were made again and again with the family.
I thank Steve's family for welcoming myself and my daughters into their loving arms 16 years ago.
We laughed at the antics of the grandchildren
and got caught up with visiting since last seeing each other at our Easter Gathering in spring.

Aunt Nancy found this photo of MaryAnn and Paul during their dating years..
and gave them a framed print of this special memory in the beginning of their lives together. 

Sixty years later, they still have it going on......



  1. 60 years - that's wonderful. It's so encouraging to see those who have stuck it out through good and bad to make a life together for so many years. My folks made it to 67 years before Mom died and they stand as my example of what marriage is all about. Congrats to MaryAnn and Paul.

  2. 60 years WOW ~ Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

  3. What a wonderful family event. 60years is so great a time to have spent with your soul mate. I doubt I will live that long, but we are trying. Looks like your folks had a wonderful day sharing all those memories with family. Wish we could have been there to share with you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  4. What a wonderful celebration, and what a large family. It must be fun at Christmas, bet you need a spread sheet to keep track of all the birthdays!

  5. Excellent family gathering for a wonderful celebration...happy anniversary to your inlaws...you have a beautiful family and extended family..great pictures...
    take care
    Rick tucker and lilly too

  6. Howdy y'all,


    It doesn't take a village; it takes a mother & father like this to raise such a loving family..
    I wish mine could have been such..

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!

  7. Wow...sixty years. What a wonderful legacy of love and commitment. Looks like a wonderful celebration.


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