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Monday, August 1, 2011

CAMPING- Bayshore County Park, Mike's Tree, and Jameson's Grand Prix Party

Whew what a busy weekend!

Actually it started on Thursday when I packed up the motorhome and drove it down to Green Bay, around the bend, and up towards Door County.  I drove the motorhome down to Bayshore County Park and got all settled in site 27.  A kind camper nearby helped spot the sign post as it was too low to see in my backup camera or side mirrors.  Thanks!  Why do they put the sign post with the lot marker number soooo close to the opening of the campsite?  A few feet over would suffice, and make it a bit easier to back in with a rig that don't *bend* in the middle like a trailer and truck does!

I called Steve at work to tell him to come on over to site 27, and he was surprised, as he thought I was just going to meet him at work at 2:30 like usual in the parking lot at work.   He would then drive the rig to the campground with the Tracker in tow.  But I knew it was gonna get HOT HOT HOT so I went in the morning instead and got all set up before the heat started.

We have camped here before... here are the links:

The site was very nice, and I had to back wayyy back to get the awning to clear the tree when rolled out.  We liked the site but the only down side was the power pole was in in the front of the site!  Go figger?   It took both of our 50 amp extension cords and our 30 am extension cord  (25 feet each) to reach the post.  

This park is near Steve's place of work, UWGB, so he went to work on Friday right from the campground.  I hung out in the oppressive heat and turned on the air about noon.  It was just too hot to do much outside, but I got some spinning and knitting done  

In the evening we were able to walk around the campground with the dogs and enjoy the cooling evening air.  We were pleased to run into some campers we met last year, Jon and Maryanne from Sturgeon Bay.  They remembered us and we visited for quite a while.   We also met some other RVers across from us, Lori and Jeff Rose from Ashwaubenon (Green Bay)   We sure enjoyed visiting with them and even shared their campfire one of the evenings. 

On Saturday morning, we loaded up the Tracker with 2 folding tables, 3 lawn chairs, 2 chaise lounges, a cooler, and a pile of presents.  We were heading to our grandson Jameson's 3rd birthday party.  It was only about 20 miles beyond the park we were camping at, saving us an extra 70 miles roundtrip if we had stayed at home this weekend.

We leave the dogs inside with the AC on, the tv going to drown out any noise from the outside, and the blinds all drawn.  We hate having to listen to any one else's dogs bark all day long when they leave, so we want to be extra sure ours won't be a bother to anyone else.  And due to the oppressive heat, we chose a campground with electrical hookups to be sure they were kept cool while we were gone.    And we add a supplementary 12 volt fan in case the power were to go out at the post in the campsite.  Otherwise we usually camp in rustic campgrounds without hookups.

I made up a tuna noodle salad and an oriental coleslaw salad to take along, so they were loaded in last in the cooler and off we went for the day.

But first, on the way, we stopped at Mike's Tree.   After our son, Mike, passed away five years ago, Steve's folks wanted to do something special in his memory. So they got permission and had a tree planted near the first base of the ball diamond at his high school.  Steve's brothers added a lovely plaque in his honor, and we try to stop and see the tree each time we go by that area.   Sometimes the gates are locked at the ball diamond (shhhhhhh-   we can scoot and shimmy under the fence)   but this Saturday they were having a soccer game nearby so the gate was unlocked.  We snapped a few pics for the Grands to see how well it's grown over the last five years...

It was a good visit and a time to reflect and smile and shed a tear or two.  

From there, we drove on to Rio Creek...  our grandson Jameson is very lucky to have some wonderful grandparents on his daddy's side of the family.  They have a nice home out in the country and let their children hold parties there!   Showers, birthdays and any of their family gatherings are welcome at the Wade's home in the country.

We unloaded and helped set up.  It was a beautiful day of all sun and puffy clouds and hot weather.  The kiddos had set up some wading pools, slippery slide and a RACE TRACK!  Yes... little Jameson was going to have a Grand Prix Birthday!    Of course, with the release of the movie, Cars2, the little tyke is all agog with racing cars.

Creative daughter Heather and her hubby Jesse made up a whole slew of cardboard race cars! (I think 15 or 16?)    Each one had a personalized license plate for it's intended guest to *drive* around the race track!

Jesse made up lazer cut medallions for each child, hanging on ribbons around their necks, 
so everyone was a WINNER! 

After the wee ones were done racing, then big Daddy Jesse and Uncle Tyler had to have a grudge match... brothers, ya know.   LOL  Some boys never grow up, do they?

Soon it was time for cake and ice cream, presents and all the fun that goes with a birthday. 

Both of our granddaughters were there too.... 

Allegra showing off in her Pop-Pop's chair and Chelsea screaming about  "ANTS"!   

Our little three year old guy was wearing down, but he made it through the whole party.  The two granddaughters were well on their way to sleep as their parents drove away afterwards... asleep before they even turned the corner!

As we drove home with our loaded Tracker, the skies opened up and torrential rains and winds blasted us on the way back to the campground.  We held our breath till we saw the awning was intact as we drove up to our campsite.  We had left it open, with weather reports of clear skies and no wind.  Ya just never know, we were lucky this time!   And next time it gets rolled up!

Later that evening, Heather and Jesse dropped the birthday boy off at our camper.  He was getting an extra special day by coming to spend the night with us at the campground!   They were going out and we were soooo close by to Green Bay for babysitting.  He walked around the park with us holding a leash for Duke, and then fell asleep in my arms in front of the campfire.  What a joy to have a sleeping birthday boy in my arms.   In the morning he was bouncing around with happiness because his parents had left some of his new toys to play with.

We had a good breakfast of french toast (made with vanilla and cinnamon in the batter)  and some sausages.   After a walk around the loop, the little guy konked out again for two more hours!  I think his birthday the day before wore him out.

In the afternoon, Erin stopped by with granddaughter Chelsea as they had some shopping to do in Green Bay.  We sat in the cool AC of the rig for lunch, and then went to the playground for a bit.  The park has a HUGE wooden ship structure for the kids to play on.    We grownups sweltered in the heat while the kiddos ran and climbed and steered the big ship.    I took pics but they are in a file in the camera yet I think.  So here is a shot from the website.

Granfaddah took care of dumping the holding tanks on the motorhome and drove it over to the playground area parking lot.  Now we had a nice place to come and cool down and relax and refresh with cold drinks right by the playground.

It sure had been a turmoil of emotions this weekend... between the happiness of camping, the reminder of 5 year loss of our son, the joy of a little boy's birthday, and the hugs and kisses of grandchildren.  Life sure can be a myriad of things, both good and bad, all tossed up and fall where they may.....   It's up to us to make sense of it.


  1. What a wonderful memorial to your son. And an absolutely delightful birthday party. I loved planning those kinds of parties for my son. We, too, leave the air on, the TV on and all the blinds closed to keep the girls as quiet as possible when we leave them home.

  2. Liked the look of your campsite in that first picture. We have never been in our rig during really hot weather so have only ever used one of our A/C units maybe once or twice for a few hours in four & a half years. Good for you in taking the rig to the Park & getting it all set up:))

  3. So many of our friends have lost children--our hearts go out to you! Looks like a fun birthday party for a little boy!

  4. Looks like a great weekend to me and what a great idea those little cars were!!! I am passin that on to my daughter... Twin grandsons, LOL LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. looks like you had a busy but fun filled weekend Karen....love the creativity of those little cars...have fun and travel safe...

  6. That Grand Prix Birthday was really clever! Lots of work to pull it off, but the kids must of had a blast.


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