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Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Camping… Waylaid by My Health Issues



I am on the mend... some of you folks know, some of you don't.  Turns out that I was growing a big ole tumor inside of me, about the size of a large softball.   Well, it's out and I got 26 lovely staples decorating my belly. In a row matching up to the 118 staples I had from the last surgery.  I think I have firmly set the record for the most body piercings in my family!    Will get more results on the tumor testing on Tuesday.  After 4 hospital days, I am home now and resting....
Little Jameson came to check out how the hospital staff was treating his Grandmuddah Pfun

 jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital2

Those are my legs, complete with the old lady white surgical stockings and some cool fuzzy purple socks on the feet.   The staff was so good to me and my visitors.


jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital3

Someone got to play on the powered bed, UP and DOWN … quite a fun toy?


jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital4

I don’t think he liked the idea of his Grandmuddah being bed-bound and not able to rassle around on the floor.  This ain’t natural….


 jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital5



A nurse came into the room to take my vitals while Jameson was there.  He was quite wary, thinking perhaps she was gonna give him a shot???  He had just recently had 3 new immunizations, so he was fully aware that smiling ladies in printed tops usually mean needle pokes for little boys! jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital6

Look at his little hands folded in his lap?  How cute is that?


 jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital7

jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital8

erin and heather

My pretty girls came to help me and bring me treats.  Erin even got to put me in the wheelchair access shower stall and wash my hair for me!   Not getting the stomach wet was a challenge, but she did it.   She also keeps running errands for all the things we forget.  I owe her BIG TIME when she has the baby in January, but at least we have a list of things that make hospital stays comfortable. 

  jamesons visit to grandmuddahs hospital1

Yup… tain’t too purdy, but it be ME on the mend! 


  1. Glad to hear that you're being well looked after and on the mend.

  2. Karen--hope you continue to improve daily--we will be thinking about you.

  3. Hope your recovery is a speedy one. What the cutest grand young'un.

    Stay Safe

  4. I have to say I was shocked when I read your blog tonight. WOW! What symptoms did you have? if any!
    I wish for you a speedy recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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