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Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Exercise Day (for the motorhome)

Ahhh our poor motorhome has been setting in the driveway for over a month, unused.   So we try to *exercise* it at least once a month by driving it 40-50 miles. 

Such a sunny lovely day, and I was out-of-sorts waiting for test results from my surgery last week, so it seemed a good day to do this exercise.  We loaded up the dogs and a picnic lunch and off we went.   The temps were in the 40’s and 50’s and the sun was shining strong.  We turned on the furnace and the dash heat, making us cozy warm within minutes.

motorhome exercise nov 20091

Steveio drove along, happy as ever.  It felt so good to be behind the wheel again.


motorhome exercise nov 20093

Here we are about to drive past the neighbor’s farm.  Steve gave a blast of the air-horns as we went past.  I am sure she thought we must be nuts, knowing I just had major surgery 6 days ago.  LOL  LOL   Maybe she thought we flew the coop?


We chose to go to the North Bayshore County Park, between Oconto and Peshtigo on the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan.  

This park is heavily used by fishermen year round, so there is a very large parking area near the ramp for long spaces used by trucks and boat trailers.  The camping area is closed for the season.  Even in the winter, this lot is plowed for the ice fishermen access to the bay, even when the water is froze, some leave their trucks on shore here.  We sometimes come here in  the middle of winter on a sunny day when the roads are dry… to exercise the rig, and pretend we are camping. 


We pull in, outta the way of the fishermen, and enjoy looking out over the water, the tall swamp grasses, the birds, the channel with boats coming and going … sometimes we walk out on the causeway along the harbor to the point with the light.   This time though I stayed inside, comfy on my couch, wrapped up in my wool blankets.  I sat  and looked out, enjoyed the view, and we chatted away the morning.  We had our little picnic lunch so I didn’t have to cook anything.  The rig is already winterized, but we brought along jugs of water for the dogs and drinking.  A big jug of winterizing fluid sits by the toilet if we have to use it.   There is an open bathroom available for the fishermen too on site. 


    motorhome exercise nov 20094

This is all I needed to feel better!   Curled up on my couch, I watched the birds, the fishermen, the water…. later I watched my soap on the tv, then the noon news, then dozed off and took a nice nap!


  motorhome exercise nov 20096

Duchess and Duke were very happy to go along.  We don’t DARE to leave them home…. once they see the motorhome fire up, they MUST be inside to ride along.


  motorhome exercise nov 20098

We backed into a corner and here was the view out the front windshield.  Various fisherman come to try their luck off the shore, and others come with boats to go out into the bay waters.


motorhome exercise nov 200915 The day started out with sunshine and blue skies… later some whispy clouds rolled in.


 motorhome exercise nov 20099

Snapped a few shots through the windows… I never left the rig


motorhome exercise nov 200910



motorhome exercise nov 200911



motorhome exercise nov 200912 Steve took the doggers for a walk… and to check out if any of the guys were have any luck on the fishing…. I think there was more BS going on than serious fishing?



motorhome exercise nov 200913 Some guys set up for the whole day, just taking it all in… what a life!



motorhome exercise nov 200914

These two guys set up, fished for about 15 minutes, gave up, and packed it in again…..


motorhome exercise nov 200916

And we took this all in from the warmth and comfort of the motorhome.  I walked a whole 30 steps to get into the rig, and 30 steps back out again at home.  But what a lovely way to spend a day… (if you can’t camp, you can pretend you were camping) 

All too soon we had to leave and head home to get ready for doc. appt.   The results were WONDERFUL and all will be ok.   Looking forward to many more years of being in our motorhome!


  1. Know exactly how you feel about taking the rig for a run. And that nice comfy cozy feeling about being inside on a cold crisp day. An outing like that is so healing for the mind as well as the body. A change of pace, a change of scenery, a change of perspective. Even if it's only an hour, at least it's a welcome change in routine. An outing, mini-camping. Gives your future plans a good boost too:))

  2. Karen you take care of yourself--what a wonderful way to cheer your spirits. You and Steve are in our thoughts!

  3. What beautiful doggies!

    Glad you were able to get out in the motorhome and that you were feeling up to doing it!


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