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Sunday, June 16, 2024

CAMPGROUND REVIEW - Fox Park near Escanaba Michigan

It was Monday, and we looked at the weather report. The week looked really, really nice. So we decided to pop on the internet and check out one of our favorite parks located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

Fox Park is located between Menominee and Escanaba, Michigan, on M35, right along the Lakeshore.

From their website:
Fox Park is a 10 acres park and campground located on M-35 along the Bay of Green Bay. The campground offers 20 electric campsites. The campsites are spacious with many located on the water. Water is available near the entrance of the park, and there are several porta-potties conveniently located throughout the park. Firewood is also available at the park. 

The park offers a picnic area with picnic tables and barbecues, making it a great location to take a break and enjoy lunch. Located conveniently between Menominee and Escanaba along a main corridor, this a popular park for visitors to the Upper Peninsula. The park is located just 5.7 miles north of Cedar River, which offers gas, food, and a full service marina. 

Fox Park is owned and operated by Cedarville Township. For assistance, questions, or to cancel a reservation at Fox Park, please contact Kathie Prestin at 906-424-0590. (Available Monday - Friday, March 4 through September 30 from 3PM to 7 PM & Saturday and Sunday, May 18 through September 30 from 10 AM to 7PM). 



Because it's only about 50 miles away from our house, we decided to take a drive up in our Kia and check out where we might want to reserve for the week.

Although we love site number 20, it was already taken for the week. So we drove on through and settled for site number 5. Sites 14 through 20 are really nice, but they were all booked. 

So while right there in the park, we went online and reserved site number 5 for four nights. It was reserved for the weekend, as was most of the rest of the park. That was okay, because we really prefer to only camp during the week.

We went back home and tossed some things in the motorhome, enough stuff to last 5 days. In went the dogs, and my GoPro camera. We were ready to roll.

Although the park is near M35, when situated alongside of the water, it kind of drowns out some of the noise. Upon entering the park, it turns immediately to a gravel road. All of the campsites are gravel.

There are a myriad of signs as you come into the park. It looks kind of uptight and daunting. But really, the place is very relaxed. The camp host occupies site number one.

Here are some of the signs by the entrance of the campground area of the park. Take note, there is also a picnic and day use area to the north of the park. There are a lot of signs there telling people to stay up in the picnic area unless they are a registered camper. This helps alleviate any unnecessary traffic coming down through the campground.

And yes, there was poison ivy here and there among the bushes. Stick to the cut lawn areas or the sandy beach, and you are just fine.

Check out time is 1:30 p.m. Please plan accordingly because just north of the park is the time change between Central and Eastern Time. It's easy to get mixed up. The park is Central Time zone.

As for facilities, the campground recently updated later last summer to electrical service on all 20 campsites. The new posts provide 50, 30 and 20 amp outlets. 

All of the picnic tables have recently been replaced with brand new ones. The fire rings are the heavy dual-walled culvert type. The park is well kept and a lawn service came in during the week and cut throughout the entire park.

All of the campsites have new gravel. Most of them are level. A few on the non-water side are slightly sloped.  

There is water available at the entrance to the park at this powered pump. There are no other water faucets within the campground. There are no toilets or showers, just rented porta potties at one section in the middle of the campground next to the dumpster. I'm not sure if in the future there are plans to put in a complete bathroom, but at this time the 4 porta potties are the only thing available. 

Also note there is no dump station, but there is information that you can go nearby to Shakey Lakes and use their dump station. I also know that further south along M35 there is Kleinke Park which has a dump station that you could stop by and pay a fee to utilize.

Cell phone coverage is one or two bars, mostly roaming. TV stations over the antenna fade out during the day but come back in during the night. You can reach the station in Escanaba and also the one across the water to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan! But only in the evenings.

Here is a You Tube of our visit,
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What is so great about this park? 


It is 

As long as everyone picks up after their dogs and don't create a nuisance, it will continue to be that way.

I took out my GoPro and we set up our silly little pup on a long cable attached to a concrete boat anchor. This gave him his very first experience on a sandy beach. There was nobody else around, otherwise we would not have put out such a long cable. As soon as anybody appeared on the beach, he was reeled in and put back on a 6-ft leash. 

But here's the creative little video that I put together about his very first hilarious experience with SAND!!!

We walked around the campground and took photos of some of our favorite sites to keep in our own records if we want to reserve again.

I also did a walking tour with my GoPro of each site. I will add that link below as soon as I finish editing it.

Site 16

Site 18

This one was called site 18A. We aren't exactly sure what that meant because it does not appear on the reservation list. But it's a very nice site with a path next to it leading out to the beach.

This is the turnaround at the end of the park standing near site 20 which is our favorite. 20 is tucked away behind the trees and facing parallel to the water. I could not take a photo of the site because there were people occupying it.

Here's the view from our own site, number five. It was a very nice site with trees to the north. Site six next to us was rather close but there was nobody occupying it for the week.

Here are some photos of our campsite number 5: 

(That is the old table still in the tall grass yet at our site, the campground hosts were busy removing all of the old tables while we were there)

All of the waterfront sites lead right out with their own little paths to the beautiful sandy beach.

There's not a lot more you can ask for in a little township campground for only $25 a night.

Because the campground faces the east over the water, the sun rises were absolutely amazing!!!!

The sunsets weren't too shabby either, as the sun went down over in the West behind the trees. The reflective pinks and purples and blues were soft and gentle across the lake.

All in all, it was a beautiful quiet week in the park. I will do a YouTube of our actual camping in the park and post a link down here: 

Will we be back again? You bet!


  1. Another nice park and a cute video !

    1. Thanks! I am just learning how to do the GoPro and the editing. I've now got a channel on YouTube for just camping videos if you want to subscribe to it: https://youtube.com/@what-a-view-ml2uq?si=EKMiHMKo0pjgassz


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