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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

First Weekend Away in the View

First Weekend Away in our new-to-us 2016 Winnebago View 24G.  

This Happy Motorhoming Man hopped behind the wheel and took to the roads this weekend. He looks pretty darn serious, getting to know this new vehicle and driving situation. 

We loaded it up with clothes and food. We got all of the seat positioning figured out. Then we settled in for a comfy ride. 

Although Steve got to drive it the hundred plus miles home from where we bought it from the private sellers... I hadn't even had a chance to ride in it yet! I was following behind him in the Saturn. So this weekend was going to be MY first time in the morning home. (Binney, too).

Bright blue skies and wispy clouds filled our windshield as we traveled our way up to Door County, WI. 

This wasn't going to a "camping" weekend. Nope. Not at all. It was going to be a "working weekend" to help out a family member. More on that in a later blog.

In the rear camera, we could see Steve's brother's trailer following us. 

We flew over the tower drive bridge at Green Bay, crossing the Fox River. The rig handles really nice, even in the high windy levels of the bridge crossing. 

We did a quick pit stop for a little lunch on our way. As we walked back to the motorhome, it was so cute to see it sitting there patiently waiting for us. It sure is a lot shorter than what we are used to. It's also a lot easier to turn around and get out of parking lots!!! 

Soon we were wayyyy up in Door County almost to the top. Door County is the skinny little "finger"  in the state of Wisconsin, similar to Michigan's "thumb". 

We reached where we needed to be for the weekend. The driveway wasn't quite level enough to park nose facing in, so we decided to park crossways and put up some of the tires on some leveling blocks. It's very important to remain level when using an ammonia-based absorption refrigerator in an RV. Being too crooked can cause the fluid within the coils to pool up and create hot spots and burn out the system. 

We were near the road, but it was a country road and not in any type of a precarious position. It would be just fine for us to stay the weekend. 

We worked and worked the rest of the day, far into the evening. We stumbled out to the camper and fell asleep on the soft comfy bed. (We added a 2" memory foam to it last week).

In the wee hours of early morning we ground up some fresh coffee beans and perked up a pot on the stove. Oh my, that smells so good. What a way to wake up!

The steaming mugs of coffee were just the perfect thing to get our eyes wide open and ready to start the day. We stumbled inside to get some more work done for a couple hours. 

Then we took a break while my wonderful chef of a husband created a delicious breakfast for us. First time cooking in the camper. We found that there was plenty of room on the spacious countertop along with the sink basin covers for additional prep area. Although this kitchen is not nearly as big as the one we had in our safari, it's much larger than some of the other models we looked at. It meets Steve's approval. 

Just look at that yummy breakfast. He cooked up some thick slab bacon from the Mennonite store, some lightly crusted hash browns from Hungry Jack that are reconstituted in a little carton, similar to a milk carton. While he does the toast, I scramble up the eggs the way we like them. With a little bit of white and a little bit of yellow, not just all mixed together and whipped. 

After our filling breakfast, we went back in and worked the rest of the day...

The second night we tried out the shower and found it to have ample enough room and enough water with a 6 gallon water heater. Our safari had a 10 gallon. So we conserved a bit and made sure there was enough water for the other person. 

We collapsed into bed again and were promptly fast asleep. About 5:00 a.m. we awoke to the pitter patter of rain on the roof. That is such a pleasant sound to hear when you are in an rv. Although we knew it was wet and damp outside, inside we were cozy and warm. Binney thought so too. 

Once our work was completed it was time to pack it in and head on home. Brother Pete treated us to lunch at AC Tap on the way home.

As we hit the highway, the dense fog was somewhat of a hindrance. We went slow and took our time until we got closer to Sturgeon Bay. Once we hit the inland area, away from the Lakeshore, the fog cleared up for the rest of the way home. 

We arrived home safe and sound, and parked the rig in the driveway. We are glad to say that everything operates perfectly and we found no problems whatsoever. We had confidence in the seller as he was highly mechanical and kept the rig in very good condition. But you never know until you actually try everything out to make sure everything had been maintained and taken care of.

In my next blog I will talk about some of the storage solutions that we have already made, as well as some of the new things we bought for the rig. While we were gone, Amazon boxes kept arriving at our door. Our wonderful neighbor Sheryl kept picking them up for us each time the security alarm went off.  Thanks Sheryl!!! 


  1. looks like you have found a good one. The storage solutions will be interesting. I am always looking for new ideas for our 21'TT .

    1. My blog today has more storage ideas... and then some more in the next blog and Steve's outside compartments I think.

  2. Yup, those are good tips. I think we are gonna get a thermostatic mixing valve to waste less too. If we know there is water nearby, we can be "extravagant" but with only 32 gal fresh tank, it will be a BIG change from the 100 gal tank we used to have on the Safari!

    I read a hint about a lady who did all her dishes with a coffee cup of hot water heated in the micro, then a dollop of dish soap in the cup and a small round dish brush. She sprayed each dish with Dawn pre wash stuff, and then scrubbed each dish with the brush dipping in the cup of water and set them in the sink in a rack. Once she had them all scrubbed, one quick rinse with the faucet sprayer and she was done! I am gonna try that!!!

  3. Good tip, too! As a solo, I also kept a ton of bottled water in my shower and took sink baths. LOL!


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