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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

CAMPGROUND REVIEW - Chute Pond Oconto County Park near Mountain, Wisconsin

We looked at the calendar, and we looked at the weather report, and it was time to load up and sneak out of town. The weather was looking great up in the high 70s and evenings in the 50s.

We decided that we would try out the other Oconto County Campground, because they are running their midweek special. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights are half price camping. We retired folks have to watch our camping budget, you know!

Chute Pond is located over on the western side of our County, just south of the town of Mountain on Highway 32 / 64. It is usually jam-packed full all summer and we can never get in here. But I looked on the reservation map and found out that we could get in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on a variety of the campsites available. But looking ahead to this weekend, almost everything is reserved in he 100 campsite campground.

The campground is spaced out in four different loops for daily campers and a fifth distant loop down on the far Southwestern end for seasonal campers.  One loop is specifically available for people with ATV / UTV recreational vehicles.

We tossed our groceries and our dogs into the motor home and away we went. We came over early on Monday morning to secure a site and get set up.

This is an older campground, and many of the sites are not, I repeat not, big rig friendly. There really are a select few, I would say under 10, that our motorhome could even fit on or even access into the loop.

We really didn't want to be in the loop nearest to the road, but it had the most level campsites and had the easiest access for a 40-foot motorhome. We chose site 50 which abuts right up to the river and is beautiful and scenic. See the yellow arrow?

As you can see on this larger expanded view, the campsites in the other loops are located away from the road and heavier wooded. But there are also steeper, unlevel, and more suited for small campers, pop-ups, and tents.

Here is a link to their website:

We self registered at the field house, and made doubly sure that our site was not reserved by anyone else for any of the midweek days that we wanted to be here. There appears to not be any staff on duty during the weekdays . The park staff kindly puts a complete report of the week's reservations right by the self-pay station. That way newcomers can be sure that is nobody else coming to take the site if you are doing first come first serve at the self-pay station.

Of course, being half price, we were only paying $15 a night for an electric site as opposed to the regular rate of $30.

Our site has 30 amp service, not sure if the others are 30 or 50 in other parts of the campground.

Potable water is available at the dump station, the campsites do not have water hookups.

There are various bathroom facilities scattered about, some are pit toilets, some are flush, and a nice shower house near the central area by the playground.

Cell phone signal is very good, and television antenna programs fade away some during the day but come back in the evening.

There is a little general store in the field house that has some signage of things that they sell. It was not open during the week. I am not sure of their hours, but I'm sure more information can be found online. Nearby is a picnic area and a small beach as well.

Incidentally, this water reservoir here that has been dammed up is the Oconto River. It flows 50 miles down towards our house, through our little town and out into the bay waters of Green Bay. So cool that it's the very same river. If we popped in here, we could float our way home!

As for the park itself, like I said, it is older and set up for smaller RVs. I really don't care for the road noise being parked so near the highway. Thank goodness for dual pane windows because we didn't hear any noise at night. Because our rig is angled towards the river, we really are sitting on the opposite side facing the water so it's okay with us. But it's not my first choice of a campsite location

The river is beautiful and the water is up with higher levels because of the recent rains. With the Oconto River being controlled by various dams up and down it's complete path, the fluctuation of the water is always a guess. Right now it's up and maybe next week it's down.

Like I said, we are located right by the water. There's a little access area to go stand down by the edge if you want to toss in a fishing line or wade around among the rocks, catch some minnows, or just splash around a bit. The current here is pretty slow and it's quite relaxed.

Up the road a ways is a cute little foot bridge that looks like it's been damaged and not repaired yet. Recently there had been some straight-line winds and tornadoes that have gone through the area. There's a lot of evidence of high wind damage and downed trees throughout this entire section of the county. This little foot bridge leads over to some hiking trails into the more rapid moving water called "Slippery Rock". More on that later!

We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful views up and down the river. The trees here are just starting to turn with slight tinges of yellows and gold and maybe a little orange every now and then. For the middle of September, this seems a little soon for our area. Fall is on its way----

When we stopped at the field house to pay for our campsite and self-register, this cheery little fellow was waiting for a photo opportunity:

Of course, being tourists, we had to oblige!

We walked around the grounds, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We think this tree happens to be chock-full of delicious bugs. The work of woodpeckers feasting on them is quite evident.

Speaking of feasting, we were relaxing in our chairs and it was suddenly five o clock. This little guy has an alarm clock built into his tummy. He is trying to communicate with Steve to let him know that it's time to fill that doggie dish!!

Steve went in to get the dog dishes and he sure kept a watchful eye on the progress. He was listening through the screen door as he heard his dog food and treat put into his dish. This is very confusing for him because he is used to being right under foot while Steve fills the dish. What's up with that?

Well well well, look at that! Steve brought their dishes outside so they could dine "al fresco"

This was a new one for them, they had never done that before. It really puzzled them. Why would their doggie dishes and food come outside? It's always fun to keep them guessing...

While they ate their delicious dog food, Steve was working on our own dinner. He popped a couple big thick burgers on the grill while I got things ready inside. Food always tastes better when you cook it outside.

It may just be burgers, but we feast like kings. Added to the meal are fresh garden tomatoes and some cucumber salad.

We had a relaxing evening. We didn't bother to start a campfire, we just wanted to relax, kick back, and enjoy the pretty lights inside of our motorhome now that all of the LED lights are in place and functioning. See my last blog if you're wondering what I'm talking about.


I'm pleased to report that we had a very quiet night. With the dual paned windows  we really didn't hear any noises at all from the highway and we were entirely comfortable all night long. We actually slept in this morning till well after 7 AM. That's quite unusual for us. Even the dogs let us sleep in. How nice was that?

We started out the morning with a bowl of instant oatmeal and some fresh fruit. Sometimes Steve cooks up a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. But this morning it just felt good to eat lite.

While I straightened up a little bit, Steve was working on a couple tasks around the motorhome. He changed the fuse for the 12 volt cigarette lighter near the driver's area. He also tightened up an electrical outlet on the side of the bed which has access from the engine compartment.

We always have maintenance tasks to do of one type or another on the rig. Each time we use it, it seems like there's a little something to tweak or fix or take care of. I found a little power adapter that needed some gluing of a label, and sorted out and organized a couple of the cabinets.

We decided to take a little ride around in the Saturn. We popped the dogs in with us and went to wander around. About 10 miles from the park is the Mountain Fire Lookout Tower. I had been there many years ago, but not recently. We are very close to the cottage that we helped build for my dad when he was still alive. My brother now owns the cottage and we come up to this area often. We just never camped at Chute Pond before.

The tower was built back in the 1930s by the CCC. That's the Civilian Conservation Corps and was used for spotting fires in the Lakewood District.

For a small donation, folks like us are welcome to climb all the way to the top. It's 135 steps!

I opted to stay down on the ground with the dogs. It was quite a windy day and I didn't feel like going up that high. Remember, I don't like heights? But spry young lithe athletic Steveio went all the way up to the top!!!!

(He is snorting incredulously at my last sentence....lol)

As we drove around the countryside, we see that the colors are changing, especially among the hardwoods. We really haven't had a hard freeze yet, but we are starting to see red leaves.

The sumac is always the first to turn. This grove of sumac trees are just ablaze with color. I absolutely love the look of this and it's an indication that my favorite season is finally here

We drove back into the campground and decided to go over near the dam by the Field House. Here's the backed-up waters of the Oconto River, known as Chute Pond. There are little cottages scattered around here and there, even some on the islands. Plus the campground, of course. Nearby is all USDA National Forest Land from the Nicolet National Forest.

This little dam has a walkway across the top that leads to some hiking trails... and a special little place called "Slippery Rock" that all of the locals know about.

Here is a little video clip I made of the water by the dam and where we started walking back through the trails in the park.

The woods were just beautiful and quiet. The water has a rich brown color from the tamarack trees, the tannen is what discolors the water, and almost gives it a rootbeer appearance.

The dogs really enjoy having time to sniff here there and everywhere. We have them on long flexi leashes that allow them to randomly stop and pause and smell things. But if anybody were to come down the trail, we can quickly recoil them back into our sides. They really enjoyed the opportunity to get out and sniff sniff sniff.

Little shy Binney, who would never leave our side, or cower in fear when we first got her....  now will sniff and stretch out her leash to get every opportunity to find a new scent to explore. She's the one further away in this picture!

We worked our way back to what is known as "Slippery Rock". We could hear some shouts of delight from three young ladies who were having an absolute blast there.

But the little gnats were bothering them, and buzzing around their heads. We lent them our bug spray to give them a little relief from the pesky critters. In return, they agreed to show how this natural water slide worked and demonstrate it for my video:

They were sure having a lot of fun.

We left them to their antics, and headed on back with the dogs. It was getting close to supper time, so we decided to get the grill out again.

Steve did up some marvellous tenderloin steaks that he had been marinating overnight. Our daughter Erin gave us some green beans that we steamed up, we had a little leftover cucumber salad and a delicious sliced baked potato in tin foil from on the grill. My oh my, we sure eat good when we go camping.

I'm going to finish up this blog here and I will do another one in another day or two. I think we're staying here until Thursday because there's nobody else needing this campsite until then.

It's nice to take a break from all of our projects at home, but we do have a couple interesting ones coming up.

I'm also pleased to say we did "Bat Duty" the other night to double-check ... by sitting out in our chairs at dusk ... waiting to see if there are any more bats leaving our attic.

I think I'm pretty sure that there are no more bats up there. Now we can move ahead with our new insulation, and not be distressed by the thought of bats leaving their excretment all over. We are having new insulation blown into the north portion of the attic in a few weeks.  The bats need to be GONE!


  1. Love your blog posts, they are so informative and newsy. And " spry young lithe athletic" is a very good use of vocabulary.
    Glad you got rid of the bats, they are necessary, just not in our houses.

  2. That would be a wonderful place to stay. I love the idea of all of the walking paths and I'd be willing to try slippery rock too!

  3. Nice looking park that would be great to explore.
    Typical Steve always finding something to do to fill his time.
    Glad you were able to get rid of the Bats.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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