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Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to Our World Little Claire Bear!

Oh my goodness what a whirlwind this last week has been! What started out as a normal weekend, sure took a crazy turn!

I had a friends quilting guild come tour my house on Friday. They explored my weaving looms, spinning wheels, sewing room and antique sockknitting machine.  I will write more about that later.

Then Sunday we had a little baby shower for our 8-month pregnant daughter Erin and gave her some gifts for the upcoming baby.... who was not due yet for four more weeks.

Little did we know that that night she would have a serious complication and be rushed to an emergency C-section surgery!

Erin had suffered a placental abruption which meant that she was bleeding profusely and both her and the baby were in a precarious situation. To top it off, the baby was in breech position and could not be delivered normally.

Within two hours of arriving at the hospital, our darling 7th grandchild, Claire Lillian was born!

I am pleased to say that she is doing well in the NICU. Her breathing has had some difficulty because of her immature lungs, so they hooked her up to a CPAP machine to help with regulating the in-and-out motion of her breathing. She is not on oxygen, but using regular room air to breathe. She is just getting some help with the lung muscles.

Mommy and Daddy made it through the whole ordeal with flying colors and are happy to have brought this new child into our world.  What a surprise when they thought she was coming a whole month later.
She is already wrapped around Daddys little finger.....

 A few hours later I was able to go into the NICU and see her and touch her. But because of all of the hoses and tools and monitors she was not allowed to be picked up yet on the first day.

We showered her with as much love and tenderness and support that we could give. Our hearts were aching with worry, but she was getting the very best care in the NICU.

From tearing myself away from the baby, now my Grandmother Role came into play. I went up to their home to care for their other two children and their two sassy little dogs. I held down the fort and did all I could to help their family hold up during this big unexpected change.

Here is a video clip of the kids being told WHY grandma picked them up from daycare and school....  and where were mommy and daddy?

Two days later we were finally able to hold the baby in the NICU. I cannot tell you how my heart soared to hold this wee one in my arms. Although she was born at only 6 pounds 3 ounces, she didn't feel delicate or dainty in my arms. She felt like a good baby of a healthy size and I'm sure she will gain in strength and vigor as she continues to get such good care.

I even got her eyes to open and she looked at me for the first time!~  Ahhhh love at first sight, I tell ya!

As of last night they removed her stomach tube and she is now just on a nasal cannula that pumps regular room air into her lungs to help regulate her breathing. Her little lungs either work too fast or too slow at this time, being 4 weeks immature.

Erin is going to be discharged from the hospital today. Of course, neither parent wishes to go home yet while their baby is still in the hospital. Wonderful Aurora hospital in Green Bay has a 5th floor which works like a hotel. Parents and family of patients in the hospital can rent rooms upstairs at a reduced rate, but it operates just like a hotel. Now they are only one elevator ride ride away from their baby and they can remain close.

In the meantime I took their sassy little dogs back to my house and the kids are going to spend the night in the hotel room on the fifth floor with their parents. The kids can not yet see their baby sister because they must be 13 to enter the NICU.  But being close is important enough. I am glad the hospital offers this service. Now they do not have to drive back and forth 40 miles each way to their home.

Biscuit and Ewok are getting along with our dogs well. They have been here before and know the routine.  I know they are getting homesick, but at least Erin and Waylen do not have to worry about letting them out and feed them at home.

The dogs enjoyed a popcorn treat during the Packer Game last night on tv.  
Yayyyy Packers won! 

Tomorrow morning our daughter-in-law Heather will be going up to the hospital and nabbing the kids to bring them down to us at High Cliff State Park.

This weekend is a big huge event at the park, with over 5,000 visitors that come through. They are short staffed, so Steve will be working the weekend.  We will decorate up our campsite and get ready for the many thousands of trick or treaters that walk through the campground. They block the roads off to vehicle traffic so it's a safe environment for people to walk up and down all six roads of the campground.  I stocked up on $100 worth of candy, more than last year, when we ran out during the last hour.

Now Big Sister Chelsea and and Big Brother Clayton can celebrate this event with us. Steve already drove the motorhome to the campground this morning and I have to get my butt in gear, load up these four dogs, and head on out to the campground. The rest of our family is coming this evening and we are going to enjoy our weekend. But all of our thoughts and prayers are on the sweet little girl up in the NICU getting the best care possible

Welcome to our family little Claire, you will be from now on known as our Claire Bear.....


  1. Congratulations on the birth of Claire! Glad to hear that she is doing well and is starting to get stronger everyday. I am sure the whole family will be happy to have her home with them.


  2. Congratulations on another grandchild to Love baby Claire will be home soon.

  3. Congratulations on your newest grandchild. Four years ago our daughter's son had to spend time in NICU. He did great, Grandma had a harder time seeing those needles in his little foot etc. However the hospital was wonderful and daddy got to spend all four or five days in mommy's hospital room with her. That's so wonderful and so different than when our children were born.

  4. Congratulations on this new addition to the family. NICU'S are fantastic places for these tiny little ones. My granddaughter's twins also were born early and 4 an 5 pounds. I was in such awe of the care. They are now 1 1/2 and healthy little rascals


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