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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rained Out Camping - A Sheltie Kind of Day

We woke up at 5 am to a weather alert on the cell phone ---  storms a coming!  Downpours, heavy winds, hail and lightening. Not fun!

Sooo we hopped outta bed, tossed on our clothes and started to put away things on the outside of the motorhome.

Patio lights unclipped, 
awning rolled up, 
lawn chairs stowed away, 
grill stowed in the compartment, 
patio mat folded up, etc.  
Soon our campsite was ready to leave....   

We had the John Deere ATV vehicle here on the campsite, because we did some subbing for the camphosts this weekend. Steve also did some electric troubleshooting on a campsite over the weekend.  A maintenance guy's work is never done, even on the weekends!

We were debating about starting the noisy ATV up that early in the morning.  It was about 6 am and we didn't want to wake the neighbors.  We went back inside and gulped down a cup of coffee and decided by 6:30 we should run and put it away.  Others were getting up and about in the campground to fold up tents, take down popup campers, and get ready for the storms.

The rain was just starting to splatter as Steve drove the John Deere up to the shop, and I followed with the car to take him back to the motorhome. It was looking pretty grim in the early dawn hours, and you could feel the electricity in the air.  It was one of those mornings where you hairs stand up on the arm. You know it's coming.

We got back in the rig just as the downpours started! Those pretty new windshields were showing the water pouring down as it was slowly getting lighter outside.

We will wait till it lets up a bit, before the second bank of storms come on through. The news station weathermen are saying about 11 am there should be a break.  It's not too windy, so I think we will be okay for now. We can raise the levelers then and pull out the wooden planks from under the pads so we can roll on home. It's only 14 miles home, but Steve would like to stop and dump the holding tanks too.  Less rain is better for that task! 


Yesterday was a lovely SHELTIE DAY!!!!   Yes, our two darling shetland sheepdogs got doggie company!  Mary Kultgen from the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue Group stopped on by to visit with her three dogs: Lexi, Reese and Jazz.  What a nice surprise!   

Mary also knows Steve's boss here in the park and had visited with her, and asked which campsite we were on to visit with us.  Soon Mary was doling out the treats to a very attentive group of shelties!

While we were sitting there enjoying our dogs, up comes ANOTHER Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue Adopter---- Vicky Kania and her dog Tara stopped by too!  Vicky and I have been trying to coordinate a time to walk the trails at High Cliff together with our dogs.  This worked out great, because now we could invite Mary too and take ALL SIX dogs for a walk!  LOL

We put on a few miles on the trails throughout the park.  At one point, I decided that all of the dogs needed a break so we put them all up on the bench to rest. LOL .... Left to right are:

Tara, Finnegan, Binney, Lexi, Reese and Jazz

What a great day for a walk.  It was not too hot, the breezes were blowing and we enjoyed the paths and nature and greenness of the woods.  We saw a few chipmunks and squirrels, to the dogs' delight.  Every now and then we would have people coming up the path, and we would make all six of our dogs pull to the side, sit and wait.  It worked quite well.  I said we were having a Puppy Parade!  Got a some remarks about six dogs of the same breed out for a walk.

We got down to the bottom of the cliff area, near the beach parking lot.  That was enough.  I wanted a ride back.  Tried to call Steve four or five times back at the motorhome, but he had accidentally set his phone ringer volume down to silent. We had to call a friend to come and pick us all up and take us back up to the campground.  There was no way I wanted to walk back UP that cliff.....

Later than evening, 
Steve and I took a walk with just our dogs
 to catch the sunset over on the cliff.  

 It was soooo pretty!   
 Every thing was calm and quiet
I love the golden sunshine of the setting sun

This is the end of another weekend at 
High Cliff State Park. 

Just waiting for a break in the rain
 to hightail it on home.


  1. We have been getting a tone of rain as well here. They have had more rain than normal and now the farmers are getting worried about their crops. Too much wetness isn't good for them especially the lentils. Glad that other than lots of rain and some wind you had nothing worse there weatherwise.

    I bet you got some comments from people, walking around with 6 shelties. Glad you all had a nice walk.


  2. Love the dogs. I can't imagine life without our pups.


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