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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Okay Okay Okay ... Here I am again!

Since we moved back to our house from being hosts in the campground for the month of August, I just haven't been posting blogs.  I am so sorry!   It just seems that the mundane day to day stuff at home isn't much for me to write about?  Here is a quick recap of the last month:

Let's see.....  
we babysat Mason and Allegra for a weekend and took them to a pumpkin patch

 Had lots of fun playing in the backyard, 
and Allegra helped me bake an apple pie! 

Another thing I did last month:
I scraped, sanded, primed and painted the inside of the front porch.
that took a whole week but now it's all fresh and clean and white .... 

I went up and stole Chelsea and Clayton from the daycare center one afternoon

here are two videos of them using some baby quilts I made for their mommy, 
30 years ago and the quilts are still being loved and used today

And I made my first REAL quilt.... and made four little pillows out of the "oops squares"

And now we moved the motorhome  back out to High Cliff State Park yesterday for six days .. it's the last blast of camping for the year!  Plus it's the big holiday celebration for Halloween here at the park. Pumpkin carving, costume contests, spooky trail walk and trick or treating among the 112 campsites!

Steve had to work late Tuesday, so I loaded up the rig, stopped for a propane fill, and drove it to the park.  Got all backed in and set up and cozy warm long before he even got done with work.

Every site in the campground is reserved and soon many hundreds of ghosts and goblins will be making their way from campsite to campsite---- all decorated in festive lights, inflatable stuff and big bowls of candy to give to the little stinkers.   Last year we ran out at 650 pieces... so this year we stocked up even more!

We might be due for some snow flakes here, but nothing to accumulate I hope.  As it is we are only in the highs of 40's during the days and lows of 20's at night.  Brrrrrrr  Got the furnace running and we are cozy and warm inside.  But we haven't sat outside at a fire yet.

Last night, we wandered on down to Luke and Rosie's site for a bit of musical jam session... these folks are smart, they were IN a tent with heaters going.  It was down to 27 degrees.  Even playing around a campfire would have frozen stiff fingers.   Here is a great video clip I shot of one song:

And to top it all off, my birthday is on Halloween, so I get a double whammy of love from ALL FIVE grandtots who are going to be coming here! I get to see them in their costumes, and then have a birthday party with all of them here for me!  How lucky is that?

Some of the folks are already decorating their campsites, and I started a few things today.  On Friday the oldest grandson Jameson is off of school for the day, so I am going to swipe him to help me finish the final touches on our site. I will take pics then.

Look at the nifty idea that our neighboring campsite came up with! 
 Dukie sniffed the dog and decided it was not a real one.  LOL 

More pics to come, I promise....

But for now, I am feel queasy and nauseous and I took the longest hot shower I could in the motorhome before the water ran out.  Now I am in my flannel jammies and off to bed!

Good Night---- Sleep Tight! 


  1. You are all set to enjoy Halloween. I hope you're not coming down with something - please post again soon and let us know how you are feeling after a good night's sleep.

  2. Loved your blog post, of course. I haven't posted in a while either... need to do that!

    Enjoy your last camping of the season, then snuggle in for a cozy fall and winter in your beautiful house. We'll be watching for more posts and pictures!

  3. Sounds like you have been busy as usual. I don't think you ever just sit down and relax. Love the pics of the grandkids, they are really growing. Enjoy your Halloween, I remember the one you spent there last year and how much fun you had so I am sure you will love this one even more.


  4. We took our final camping hurrah of the season last weekend in Northern Michigan. Turned out to be a great weekend, however Sunday morning we woke up to 34 degrees, but no wind so we had a roaring campfire going to warm us up while we drank our morning coffee.

  5. Like your campsite but afraid I wouldn't like those cold temperatures.

  6. Wishing you a early "Happy Birthday" !!

    My brother and my doggie's birthdays are also on Halloween.

  7. You can't beat a camp out jam session! What fun! Hope your feeling better.

  8. I was just about to send you an email to make sure you were OK, it had been so long since a blog post. Your quilt is on the frame and I've done a couple passes on it.

  9. Oh, come now. All of those things you've been doing were good enough for Facebook. Why on earth would you think they wouldn't make interesting blog posts? Don't let your words disappear into the Facebook void. Have a great Halloween. Hope you feel better really quick.

  10. Well, its Thursday afternoon.... I drove home this morning, took a long hit bath, and then a nice nap. hope I shake this by the weekend!

    1. Oops that was *hot* bath, but you already know that, right????

  11. Loved the skeletons and the music. I sure would like to sit around and pick with a group like that. When I travel, I always take my guitar along just in case.

  12. Howdy Karen,
    Sure hope I didn't pour it on tooooo strong and make you feel badly...
    Just wanted y'all to know we missed y'all...
    You're OLDER THAN ME & I'm older than mud; mine is the ONCEST of Noviembre or the 'day after'(B78)...
    Those characters are fantastic; think I'll 'steal' the idea!!! The g-boys are growing like weeds, so
    cute too, also!!! Ms Cookie-baker is also a pie-person!!!
    When do you get to head for TEXAS, this season??? Come by this year, si vu plies...

  13. ADDENDUM 2

    My French is worse than my German;
    What I meant was 'stop by if you want to'.. I may talk some Cajun, but sometimes I don't know what I'm saying !!!!!


  14. Great job on the porch restoration, and the quilt square pillows.
    I especially liked that you drove the motorhome, got propane, and went to the campsite and got camp set up by yourself. Many women I know wouldn't even try that!


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