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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chainsaw Man in my front yard!!!!

Oh my!
There was a chainsaw buzzing in my front yard last night... 
and this is the culprit! 

Caught him red-handed!   Or at least "red-chainsaw-in-handed" !   LOL   The center shrub had broken under the weight of the heavy snows this winter... so it needed to come out.  We removed the other two also, because they were quite rangey and awkward and not as full as they should be.  Time to get them out.   

And of course, the other reason was to expose this lovely cutwork trim!!!!

That is sooo much prettier!!!  It had been freshly painted when the house was resided, and it needed to be exposed to add to the style (and height) of the house.   Don't you agree?  Here is a pic from last fall.... and the one on the right was taken last night after we were done cutting. 

After we call Diggers Hotline, then Steve can get the stumpgrinder to take out the stumps --- and grind the ones in the backyard from the two trees we took down last fall--- then I can make a nice flower bed up in the front of the house.  I am thinking of low level annuals that can grow in the bed but not block the pretty cutwork trim.  Maybe add a couple pots of geraniums to the porch steps. 

Also, we are going to add a third color to the house.  Right now it's kinda tan/beige vinyl siding with white trim. It needs a third color to POP out ....  thinking either hunter green, or dusty slate blue, or maybe a rich burgundy?   With the magic of photoshopping, here is an idea of some of things I want to paint.    Maybe add some shutters?  Maybe stain the patched up cement on the stairs with a cement stain? 

We are thinking of adding what is called a "pediment" that is seen on Craftsman style homes of this area up in the gable end.  Saw some in white on other homes and think it will be a nice  touch.

Here is a photo of a pediment we saw on a house up near Sherwood.  I found the same one for sale at the local Menards and it's of vinyl and will be easy to attach to the existing siding and trim.
There is a green and white striped awning available that we are thinking of putting over the large southern window on the side of the house.  That would help keep the summer heat away from my Loom Room.   So doing the front with a similar design might pull it all together. 

As for the inside, our laundry room is almost ready to move up the appliances from the basement.  The flooring is laid, and the wall board is around the lower half of the room.  Next I am adding some stained trim to the transition between the wall board and the upper walls.  Steve has the dryer vent in place and is working on the electrical outlet and water/drain piping tonight.  

There is a bit more trim to add to the window frame, and also the bottom half of the door frame that goes up the back staircase.  I am thinking of coating those newer oak cabinets with a colored polystain that will make them darker to match the original woodwork.  And change those knobs over to match what we have in the kitchen.   

This week will be a good week to do inside stuff... because we are forcast for 2 to 3 inches of rain and then perhaps even *S*N*O*W* !!!!!   Geesh, we just got rid of all our snow the last few days.  Now to get more is going to be depressing.  Sigh. 

A bright spot will be tomorrow--- we are going up to grandtot Chelsea and Clayton's day care center for Grandparent Breakfast!   Steve is already off work tomorrow (he has to train his new summer workers on Saturday so took off Thursday) and we will both be able to attend.   I think we will switch rooms halfway through the breakfast so each of us can be with both grandtots during the breakfast.   I will be sure to take pics of tall man Steveio perched on those tiny toddler chairs eating breakfast... haha  
(on edit... sock machine is now sold) 
This week I also picked up an Autoknitter sock knitting machine that I am going to sell.  If you are interested, email me at pfundt@gmail.com    It's a 60 slot cylinder with 30 slot ribber, has set up basket, weights, buckle, and all new needles (with extras)   I already knit off four socks on it and it works very well.  Includes a "How To Knit a Hem Top Sock" DVD that I have self-produced.   I would suggest adding a baler counter, and I could add one for you for an extra $45 because I can pick them up at the local John Deere dealer and mount it to the mast.  I am asking $950 plus shipping.  If you come to my home to pick it up, I will include a free lesson!  

 (the table is not included) 

I have two people seriously considering it, but first come, first get-----  so if you want it, don't delay.  I will post an update as soon as it's sold so I don't get piled up with late inquiries on it after the fact.  

Well, my coffee cup is near the bottom, and my weaving loom is calling me to get more towels done.  It's 9 a.m. and I gotta get a move on here.   Later Gators! 



  1. You guys just never stop! The front of the house is going to look great once you have the flowers planted in the front. Hope you won't have to wait too long. This "snow" can't last much longer can it?!


  2. I can't believe the difference with the shrubs gone. The house looks so much better. You guys are really making a lot of progress. Do you ever take a break?

  3. Wowsers! What a difference that "chainsaw guy" made. Love it! If you want some Hosta's let me know. I have some that need to be seperated. Sedums also.
    Are you taunting me with that sock machine??? LOL!

  4. I think Steve wanted that house just so he would have projects to do.. I just cannot see him in the laid back RV life style..

  5. You sure know how to spiff up a place! The front looks so much better with the shrubs outta there. Can't wait to see what you'll do next.

  6. I agree that beautiful cutwork needed to be seen! I would love to learn to knit socks but I am afraid I am not coordinated enough. LOL

  7. Really interesting! I love hearing about the remodelling and the knitting.

  8. I see a burnt red on the house. Also suggest that at the top of the steps, framing the doors tall green something with the flowers you were talking about on the steps.

    Tonight, we were at Lowes looking for plants for the motorhome.

  9. You are always so busy and I am just catching up.


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