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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Our Dogs Got Wheels!!!

If you read my blog back in January, you would remember this post about getting an InStep Sync bicycle trailer for behind our E-bikes:


We happened to snatch it up on clearance for only $25! Normally $150.00

It's made for children up to 40 lb. If we add together a little Binney at 21 lb and a little Nicholas at 17 lb, I think we have a pretty good total! 

We had a beautiful day on Thursday, with sunshine up in the mid '70s! It was time to give this thing a workout.... 

First, we need two sassy little dogs who want to go for a ride. 

The bottom of the trailer has just a piece of fabric, kind of like the floor of a tent. So we set a doggy bed in there, on a bottom tray from a collapsible dog crate. Now they have a solid floor to lay on. We had also removed the child sling seat and child harness.

Both of the dogs are harnessed up, and the handle ends of their short leashes are fed right through one of the top support bars of the trailer. Eliminating any possible accidental escape, and for keeping them close by in case of a problem or a wreck. 

We had let them sit in the trailer when we first assembled it last month in our home. But of course our ground was covered with snow and we weren't about to take them for a test ride back then. So this is the actual first time they are going to go for a ride. 

We got them all strapped into place, and then from there Steve carefully wheeled them around the end of the loop in the campground before we decided to actually go for a ride. I made a video of the process:

They did very well! We wanted them to learn that going for the ride wasn't just the process of the ride and coming right back to the camper. No. We wanted to stop somewhere and take them out so they would get the idea that this was a destination and the trailer was necessary to get there. So we stopped at another part of the park to let them out and do some sniffing. We also brought along their longer leashes, a water bowl and a bottle of water to give them some refreshment. 

We have the trailer hooked to Steve's E-bike. He said it's really not that hard to pedal with the dogs back there. Having the pedal assist electric feature on the bike is an added plus. 

There is just a little hitch bracket that needed to be screwed on the same bolt as the rear axle. The trailer then can disengage with a little hitch pin and safety strap. We are going to order a second hitch bracket to put on my bike. That way either of us could tow them. The entire trailer folds up and the wheels come off and it can be stored, taking up very little space.

I think they are going to enjoy going for adventures in this new vehicle. It will be a great way for us to get out and see things, and not just leave the dogs behind in the motorhome.

It was really cute as they were riding along, Nick was keeping a careful eye on me out of the back window. Binney was curled up in the front section and she just was watching out the side windows with a smile on her face. Can't you see it?

So far, we have been on the road for 16 days. The dogs are doing very well adjusting to RV life for a couple months. Nicholas spent the first week recovering from his neutering appointment. And now he is back to his normal energetic self this week. Watch this YouTube that I shot yesterday on the big lawn area next to our motorhome:

I watch that over and over, 
and just laugh out loud!!! 

My next blog post I have been working on a little bit here and there during the last 2 weeks. It will be chock full of different things that we have been modifying, repairing, or adding to our motorhome. 

Yes, even when we are traveling, Steve has all of his tools along. 

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  1. WooHoo! a 2 in 1 day! It does look like they like the trailer ride. And you have both kept busy will little projects. It sounds like you are feeling much better. Have a great time.


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